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  • Courts of Terror

    Courts of Terror
    Telford Taylor

    In this book he makes public how he and his colleagues—among them Alan Dershowitz, Leon Lipson, George Fletcher, and Melvin Stein—have challenged the Soviet judicial system on its own legal grounds, and how the Soviet Union has …

  • Forced Return

    Forced Return

    In May 2005, the Council of Europe adopted 20 guidelines on procedures for the forced return of rejected asylum seekers, illegal immigrants or overstayers, taking into account the need for protection of human rights principles.

  • EU Justice and Home Affairs Law

    EU Justice and Home Affairs Law
    Steve Peers

    Offering a comprehensive analysis of the EU law covering crime, policing, civil co-operation, immigration, and asylum, this third edition of EU Justice and Home Affairs Law has been fully updated to take into account the changed effected by …

  • The 50 American

    The 50% American
    Stanley A. Renshon

    Comprehensive in scope, this book examines recent immigration trends, tracing the assimilation process that immigrants to the United States undergo and describing how federal, state, and local governments have dealt with volatile issues …

  • Citizens strangers and in betweens essays on immigration

    Citizens, strangers, and in-betweens: essays on immigration …
    Peter H. Schuck

    Presents a collection of essays that look at the effects of immigration in the United States after 1965 and how it affects traditional American values and practices; how the courts, states, and Congress are responding to immigration; and …

  • Refugee Roulette

    Refugee Roulette
    Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Andrew I. Schoenholtz, Philip G. Schrag

    The asylum process — The regional asylum offices — The immigration courts — The board of immigration appeals — The United States courts of appeals — Conclusions and policy recommendations — Refugee roulette in the Canadian casino / …

  • No Undocumented Child Left Behind

    No Undocumented Child Left Behind
    Michael A. Olivas

    Explores the issue of the education of undocumented school children, examining both financial and legal topics.

  • Nations of Emigrants

    Nations of Emigrants
    Susan Bibler Coutin

    Coutin analyzes the case of emigration from El Salvador to the United States to consider how current forms of migration challenge conventional understandings of borders, citizenship, and migration itself.

  • Study on Obstacles to Effective Access of Irregular Migrants to Minimum Social Rights

    Study on Obstacles to Effective Access of Irregular Migrants to Minimum Social Rights
    Ryszard Ignacy Cholewinski

    This is done in the light of the Council of Europe's concern to promote human rights, maintain social cohesion and prevent racism and xenophobia, in counterbalance to the more restrictive approach to illegal migration adopted by the EU. …

  • Immigration and the Constraints of Justice

    Immigration and the Constraints of Justice
    Ryan Pevnick

    This book explores the constraints which justice imposes on immigration policy. Like liberal nationalists, Ryan Pevnick argues that citizens have special claims to the institutions of their states.

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