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  • Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children

    Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children
    Russell O. Jones

    This book deals with the entertainment industries and their engagement in widespread marketing of violent movies, music, and electronic games to children that is inconsistent with the cautionary messages of their own parental advisories and …

  • The Language of Defamation Cases

    The Language of Defamation Cases
    Roger W. Shuy

    In The Language of Defamation Cases, Roger W. Shuy describes eleven representative lawsuits–involving newspapers, television stations, religious leaders, physicians, teachers, entertainers, unions, insurance companies, and manufacturers- …

  • Media State Relations in Emerging Democracies

    Media-State Relations in Emerging Democracies
    A. Hadland

    It is a struggle that will determine whether or not democracy flourishes or withers in the 21st century. Using a number of case studies, including South Africa, this book evaluates what is at stake.

  • Copyright Exceptions

    Copyright Exceptions
    Robert Burrell, Allison Coleman

    This book was first published in 2005. Copyright 'exceptions' or 'users' rights' have become a highly controversial aspect of copyright law.

  • Crossroads in New Media Identity and Law

    Crossroads in New Media, Identity and Law
    Wouter de Been, P. Arora, M. Hildebrandt

    The essays provoke timely discussions on how these different spheres affect each other and co-evolve in our increasingly hyper-connected and globalized world.

  • La procĂ dure garante de la libertĂ de l information

    La procĂ©dure garante de la libertĂ© de l’information
    Jacques Englebert

    Les Éditions Anthemis vous proposent un outil complet pour comprendre le droit à l'information.

  • Neuere europĂ ische Vorgaben fĂ r den Energiebinnenmarkt

    Neuere europäische Vorgaben für den Energiebinnenmarkt
    Wolfgang Löwer

    The papers published here are dealing with the initiatives of the European Union concerning unbundling of the relevant markets, legal and economic aspects off-shore-wind parks, and decisions of European courts regarding energy law, the EFTA …

  • Media Pluralism and Diversity

    Media Pluralism and Diversity
    Peggy Valcke, Miklos Sukosd, Robert Picard

    Adopting a truly global, theoretical and multidisciplinary perspective, Media Pluralism and Diversity intends to advance our understanding of media pluralism across the globe.

  • Entertainment Law and Business Second Edition

    Entertainment Law and Business – Second Edition
    Jay Shanker, Harold Orenstein, David E. Guinn

    This is not an esoteric academic treatise. The book aims to aid the practitioner in the practical aspects of entertainment. Hence, the authors have attempted to highlight the key features of the major agreements in each field.

  • Il nuovo decreto per le performing arts Una prima guida per gli operatori

    Il nuovo decreto per le performing arts. Una prima guida per gli operatori
    Malaguti, Gentilucci

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