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  • The Punitive Imagination

    The Punitive Imagination
    Austin Sarat

    "This volume is the product of a symposium held at the University of Alabama School of Law on September 28, 2012."–Acknowledgments.

  • Charles Dickens and the Law

    Charles Dickens and the Law
    Thomas Alexander Fyfe

    Based on an address to the Glasgow Dickens Society, this essay praises the author's detailed knowledge of the law and legal community.

  • Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving Volume 2

    Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving, Volume 2
    Bram Stoker

    An engaging 1906 two-volume tribute to the most famous actor-manager of the nineteenth century by his closest friend and business manager.

  • Manuel de rĂ sistance aux les huissiers

    Manuel de résistance aux les huissiers
    Gilles Chiaro

    Clerc d’huissier pendant 18 ans, Gilles Chiaro dénonce leurs pratiques, le monopole et la protection dont ils bénéficient.

  • People Versus the Courts

    People Versus the Courts
    Mathew Manweller

  • Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy

    Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy
    Duncan Kennedy

    Every discipline has its canon: the set of standard texts, approaches, examples, and stories by which it is recognized and which its members repeatedly invoke and employ.

  • La libertĂ d expression

    La libertĂ© d’expression
    Stéphane Hoebeke

    Les Éditions Anthemis vous proposent un outil complet pour comprendre la liberté d'expression.

  • Synesthetic Legalities

    Synesthetic Legalities
    Sarah Marusek

    This edited volume explores the richly complex manifestations of synesthesia and law drawing from a plurality of approaches, including legal studies, philosophy, social science, linguistics, history, cultural studies, and the humanities.

  • Women and the Law

    Women and the Law
    Anne Thacker

    This publication reinforces the need for ongoing strategies to ensure continuing reform of the legal system in relation to judicial attitudes towards women and includes essays by Professor Kathleen Mahoney, the Honourable Duncan Kerr MP, …

  • Studies in Law Politics and Society

    Studies in Law, Politics, and Society
    Austin Sarat

    This volume brings together leading scholars and will be vital reading for all those researching in this subject area.

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