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  • Missouri Evidentiary Foundations 3rd Edition

    Missouri Evidentiary Foundations – 3rd Edition
    John C. O’Brien, Thomas Lee Stewart, Edward J. Imwinkelried

    Using specific lines of questioning and courtroom-proven techniques that apply Missouri evidentiary law, you’ll learn how to: – Frame foundational questions to gain admission or exclusion of evidence – Control the evidence in civil and …

  • Acing Evidence

    Acing Evidence
    Aviva Orenstein

    This book is invaluable for reviewing evidence, preparing for the bar exam, and assessing evidence at trial. The second edition adds new examples, reflects rule changes, and expands the discussion of confrontation.

  • New York Evidence Handbook

    New York Evidence Handbook
    Michael M. Martin, Daniel J. Capra, Faust F. Rossi

    New York Evidence Handbook is the new, comprehensive guide to all of the rules and principles of evidence applicable in New York courts.

  • Electronic Evidence and Discovery

    Electronic Evidence and Discovery
    Michele C. S. Lange, Kristin M. Nimsger

    This book will increase your efficiency and accuracy to the representation of your clients in discovery matters large and small.

  • Key Cases Evidence

    Key Cases: Evidence
    Beverley Hopkins, Emma Washbourne

    The series is written and edited by an expert team of authors whose experience means they know exactly what is required in a revision aid.

  • Cross and Tapper on Evidence

    Cross and Tapper on Evidence
    Colin Tapper

    Major changes brought about by the new legislation, including those relating to the effect on acquittals, all the rules relating to character, and the hearsay rule in criminal cases, have been fully incorporated into the text.

  • Questioned Documents

    Questioned Documents
    Jay Levinson

    This concise new handbook is designed specifically to aid lawyers involved in cases that involve questioned documents (QD) evidence.

  • New England Law Review Volume 48 Number 2 Winter 2014

    New England Law Review: Volume 48, Number 2 – Winter 2014
    New England Law Review

    The New England Law Review now offers its issues in convenient and modern ebook formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers.

  • The Modern Law of Evidence

    The Modern Law of Evidence
    Adrian Keane, Paul McKeown

    'The Modern Law of Evidence' is essential for students studying the contemporary law of evidence. It examines the theory behind the law of evidence as well as its practical application, with emphasis on current debates.

  • The Nigerian Law of Evidence

    The Nigerian Law of Evidence
    Imam, Ibrahim

    This book, The Nigerian Law of Evidence, is inspired by the author’s lecture notes on the subject at School of Law, Department of Common Law, Kwara State College of Arabic and Islamic Legal Studies, where he taught for nearly a decade …

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