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  • Fundamentals of Forensic Practice

    Fundamentals of Forensic Practice
    Richard Rogers, Daniel Shuman

    Uniquely practical and comprehensive, this volume operationalizes legal standards and describes empirically validated methods for their evaluation.

  • Acing Evidence 1E

    Acing Evidence 1E
    Aviva Orenstein

    This book offers a succinct, clear, and user-friendly review of federal evidence law.

  • Missouri Evidentiary Foundations 3rd Edition

    Missouri Evidentiary Foundations – 3rd Edition
    John C. O’Brien, Thomas Lee Stewart, Edward J. Imwinkelried

    Using specific lines of questioning and courtroom-proven techniques that apply Missouri evidentiary law, you’ll learn how to: – Frame foundational questions to gain admission or exclusion of evidence – Control the evidence in civil and …

  • No Magic Wand

    No Magic Wand
    David Stanley Caudill, Lewis H. LaRue

    Maurice Tourneur (1876-1961), the French and American director, actor, and theatrical manager, is the focus of this work.

  • The Modern Law of Evidence

    The Modern Law of Evidence
    Adrian Keane, Paul McKeown

    'The Modern Law of Evidence' is essential for students studying the contemporary law of evidence. It examines the theory behind the law of evidence as well as its practical application, with emphasis on current debates.

  • Casenote Legal Briefs for Evidence Keyed to Park and Friedman

    Casenote Legal Briefs for Evidence Keyed to Park and Friedman
    Casenote Legal Briefs

    The series is trusted for its expert summary of the principal cases in your casebook. Its proven reliability makes Casenote Legal Briefs the most popular case brief series available.

  • New York Evidence Handbook

    New York Evidence Handbook
    Michael M. Martin, Daniel J. Capra, Faust F. Rossi

    New York Evidence Handbook is the new, comprehensive guide to all of the rules and principles of evidence applicable in New York courts.

  • Innovations in Evidence and Proof

    Innovations in Evidence and Proof
    Paul Roberts, Mike Redmayne

    The essays comprising this volume range expansively over questions of disciplinary taxonomy, pedagogical method and computer-assisted learning, doctrinal analysis, fact-finding, techniques of adjudication, the ethics of cross-examination, …

  • Confessions of Guilt

    Confessions of Guilt
    George Conner Thomas, Richard A. Leo

    In Confessions of Guilt, esteemed scholars of law and criminal procedure George Thomas and Richard Leo tell the story of how, over the centuries, the law of interrogation moved from indifference about extreme pressure to concern over the …

  • Electronic Evidence and Discovery

    Electronic Evidence and Discovery
    Michele C. S. Lange, Kristin M. Nimsger

    This book will increase your efficiency and accuracy to the representation of your clients in discovery matters large and small.

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