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  • Acing Evidence 1E

    Acing Evidence 1E
    Aviva Orenstein

    This book offers a succinct, clear, and user-friendly review of federal evidence law.

  • New York Evidence Handbook

    New York Evidence Handbook
    Michael M. Martin, Daniel J. Capra, Faust F. Rossi

    New York Evidence Handbook is the new, comprehensive guide to all of the rules and principles of evidence applicable in New York courts.

  • Cross and Tapper on Evidence

    Cross and Tapper on Evidence
    Colin Tapper

    Major changes brought about by the new legislation, including those relating to the effect on acquittals, all the rules relating to character, and the hearsay rule in criminal cases, have been fully incorporated into the text.

  • Questioned Documents

    Questioned Documents
    Jay Levinson

    This concise new handbook is designed specifically to aid lawyers involved in cases that involve questioned documents (QD) evidence.

  • Colorado Evidentiary Foundations

    Colorado Evidentiary Foundations
    Roxanne Bailin, James M. England, Patrick H. Furman, Edward J. Imwinkelried

    Learn to address and overcome evidentiary problems in Colorado courtrooms. Colorado Evidentiary Foundations brings Colorado evidence to life, showing you how to frame foundational questions to gain admission or exclusion of evidence.

  • Evidence


    After your casebook, Casenote Legal Briefs will be your most important reference source for the entire semester.

  • The Modern Law of Evidence

    The Modern Law of Evidence
    Adrian Keane, Paul McKeown

    'The Modern Law of Evidence' is essential for students studying the contemporary law of evidence. It examines the theory behind the law of evidence as well as its practical application, with emphasis on current debates.

  • Evidence

    David P. Leonard, Victor J. Gold, Gary C. Williams

    The text includes numerous diagrams as visual aids to learning and short transcripts that illustrate how the rules are applied in the courtroom.

  • Women in Muslim Family Law

    Women in Muslim Family Law
    John L. Esposito, Natana J. DeLong-Bas

    This second edition is revised to expand and update coverage of family law reforms that have taken place throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and South and Southeast Asia.

  • Practical Guide to Evidence

    Practical Guide to Evidence
    Christopher Allen, Chris Taylor, Janice Nairns

    This fifth edition has been revised and updated to address recent changes in the law and debates on controversial topics such as surveillance and human rights.

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