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  • Contextual Subjects

    Contextual Subjects
    Robert Leckey

    This is a unique assertion and Leckey is undoubtedly successful in defending it throughout the book.

  • Understand Offending

    Understand Offending
    Margretta Dwyer

    Dwyer also focuses on those who commit sexual offences and explores the reasons behind their problems. This detailed, practical guide explores issues facing children, teenagers, and adults in the often-confusing world of sexual behaviour.

  • The Smart Divorce

    The Smart Divorce
    Deborah Moskovitch

    This guide coaches separating couples how to build a shortlist of the best divorce attorneys in their area, how to conduct an interview to find the right one, and what the full range of legal options are for each case.

  • Divorce Money

    Divorce & Money
    Violet Woodhouse, Lina Guillen

    Turn to Divorce & Money, the acclaimed guide to evaluating and dividing assets during divorce, to avoid making financial mistakes that could affect you for the rest of your life.

  • Living Together

    Living Together
    Frederick Hertz, Lina Guillen

    This book is also important for the growing number of elderly couples who choose not to marry and want information about relevant estate planning and inheritance issues.

  • A Casebook on Roman Family Law

    A Casebook on Roman Family Law
    Bruce W. Frier, Thomas A. McGinn

    This volume also contains a glossary of technical terms, biographies of the jurists, basic bibliographies of useful secondary literature, and a detailed introduction to the scholarly topics associated with Roman family law.

  • Moral Status and Human Life

    Moral Status and Human Life
    James G. Dwyer

    This work of applied moral philosophy develops a comprehensive account of how adults as moral agents ascribe moral status to beings – ourselves and others – and on the basis of that account identifies multiple criteria for having moral …

  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence
    Deborah Lockton, Richard Ward

    First published in 1997, this book marks a culmination of a three year research programme focused upon the incidence of domestic violence in Leicester.

  • Le droit europĂ en des successions

    Le droit européen des successions
    Andrea Bonomi, Patrick Wautelet

    Le nouveau droit international privé européen des successions, qui est entré en vigueur en août 2015, prévoit des règles permettant de répondre à ces questions.

  • Modern Indian Family Law

    Modern Indian Family Law
    Werner Menski

    Readers will find in this book a representative overview of the major issues and topics in current developments in Indian family law.

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