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  • Are We persons Yet

    Are We ‘persons’ Yet?
    Kathleen A. Lahey

    In 1929 women were declared ?persons? under the British North America Act. Seventy years later a similar move is afoot to establish constitutional personhood for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, and transgendered people.

  • Sexuality and Human Rights

    Sexuality and Human Rights
    Phillip Tahmindjis

    Reviewing the progression from historical foundations and shifting public opinions through the most recent landmark legal cases, this is an essential resource on the present state of human rights laws and sexuality.

  • Women and the Death Penalty in the United States 1900 1998

    Women and the Death Penalty in the United States, 1900-1998
    Kathleen A. O’Shea

    Studies criminal cases from throughout the twentieth century in which women have been given the death penalty.

  • The Crimes of Womanhood

    The Crimes of Womanhood
    A. Cheree Carlson

    With gripping retellings and incisive analysis, this book will appeal to historians, rhetoricians, feminist researchers, and anyone who enjoys courtroom drama.

  • No Constitutional Right to Be Ladies

    No Constitutional Right to Be Ladies
    Linda K. Kerber

    An original and compelling consideration of American law and culture, No Constitutional Right to Be Ladies emphasizes the dangers of excluding women from other civic responsibilities as well, such as loyalty oaths and jury duty.

  • A Woman s Kingdom

    A Woman’s Kingdom
    Michelle Lamarche Marrese

    Marrese traces the extension of noblewomen's right to property and places this story in the broader context of the evolution of private property in Russia before the Great Reforms of the 1860s.

  • Westward Bound

    Westward Bound
    Lesley Erickson

    Westward Bound debunks the myth of Canada‚Äôs peaceful West and the masculine conceptions of law and violence upon which it rests by shifting the focus from Mounties and whisky traders to criminal cases involving women between 1886 and 1940 …

  • Eighteenth Century Women Poets

    Eighteenth Century Women Poets
    Roger Lonsdale

    Compiles poems from the eighteenth century by women, with biographical information on each poet, and includes commentary on the attitudes toward and opportunities for women in literature at the time.

  • Gender Law and Justice in a Global Market

    Gender, Law and Justice in a Global Market
    Ann Stewart

    Using concepts from economic analysis associated with global commodity chains and feminist ethics of care, Ann Stewart considers the way in which 'gender contracts' relating to work and care contribute to gender inequalities worldwide.

  • Regulating the International Movement of Women

    Regulating the International Movement of Women
    Sharron Fitzgerald

    In this collection of provocatively argued essays, the contributors wish to reclaim the concept of racialised and gendered vulnerability, from its under theorized, and thus, ambiguous location in feminist's theory, in a variety of …

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