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  • Handbuch IT in der Verwaltung

    Handbuch IT in der Verwaltung
    Martin Wind, Detlef Kröger

    Wissenschaftler und Praktiker finden in diesem Werk Beiträge zur Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich des Einsatzes von Informatik in der öffentlichen Verwaltung.

  • Black Man with a Gun

    Black Man with a Gun
    Kenneth V. F. Blanchard

    Black Man With A Gun, A responsible Gun Ownership Manual for African Americans is a topical reference to the controversial world of the gun culture.

  • Foundations of International Migration Law

    Foundations of International Migration Law
    Brian Opeskin, Richard Perruchoud, Jillyanne Redpath-Cross

    This book has been written from a wide variety of perspectives for those wanting to understand the legal framework that regulates migration. It is intended for students new to this field of study who seek an overview of its many components.

  • On Settling

    On Settling
    Robert E. Goodin

    So, the next time you're faced with a thorny problem, just settle. It's no failure. "This is a profound book by one of our very best social philosophers.

  • Just Words Second Edition

    Just Words, Second Edition
    John M. Conley, William M. O’Barr

    Previous edition, 1st, published in 1998.

  • Energy Law and the Environment

    Energy Law and the Environment
    Rosemary Lyster, Adrian Bradbrook

    The current unsustainable practices worldwide in energy production and consumption have led to a plethora of environmental problems.

  • Illegaler Kulturg terverkehr

    Illegaler Kulturgüterverkehr
    Michael Anton

    Volume I begins with a basic introduction into the general topic, in order to present the handbook's scope and implications and to specify the various situations where it is applicable in practice.

  • Tourism and Environment

    Tourism and Environment

    This report is the proceedings of a colloquy held in Riga, 9-11 September 1999.

  • Liberal Pluralism

    Liberal Pluralism
    William Arthur Galston

    The foundational argument of this 2002 book is that liberalism is compatible with the value pluralism first espoused by Isaiah Berlin.

  • European Cross border Insolvency Regulation

    European Cross-border Insolvency Regulation
    Jona Israël

    This book presents a comprehensive analysis of the regulation of crossborder insolvencies in Europe.

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