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  • Conference Skills

    Conference Skills
    Rosemary Samwell-Smith, Marcus Soanes

    Where appropriate, the manuals contain worked examples, sample documentation, and exercises Covering all aspects of the client interview, Conference Skills is designed to help trainee barristers develop the key written, interpersonal, and …

  • Le droit europĂ en des successions

    Le droit européen des successions
    Andrea Bonomi, Patrick Wautelet

    Le nouveau droit international privé européen des successions, qui est entré en vigueur en août 2015, prévoit des règles permettant de répondre à ces questions.

  • Capital Markets Handbook

    Capital Markets Handbook
    John C. Burch, Bruce S. Foerster

    Written by seasoned professionals in association with the SIA, Capital Markets Handbook covers the latest developments in major securities legislation, and all aspects of documentation, underwriting, pricing, distribution, settlement, …

  • Justice Reform and Development

    Justice Reform and Development
    Linn A. Hammergren

    This book explores the objectives pursued in donor programs, the methods used to advance them, and the underlying assumptions and strategies.

  • Advocacy

    Evan Ashfield, Debbie Chatting, Paul Corben, David Emmet

    Advocacy covers both criminal and civil court proceedings, and includes a number of how-to-do-it guides illustrating how particular applications should be made in practice.

  • Making Partner

    Making Partner
    John R. Sapp

    This concise resource offers useful, practical advice about establishing goals, fitting into the firm culture, getting recognized, focusing on client relations, marketing one's abilities and the firm's expertise, and other innovative ways …

  • A Nation Under Lawyers

    A Nation Under Lawyers
    Mary Ann Glendon

    Offering a guided tour through the maze of the late-twentieth-century legal world, in which even lawyers themselves can lose their bearings, Glendon depicts the legal profession as a system in turbulence, where a variety of beliefs and …

  • Law and Society in Latin America

    Law and Society in Latin America
    Cesar Rodriguez Garavito

    Law and Society in Latin America: A New Map offers the first systematic assessment by leading Latin American legal scholars of the momentous legal and political transformations in the region.Together with the liberalization of national …

  • Les clauses abusives et illicites dans les contrats usuels

    Les clauses abusives et illicites dans les contrats usuels
    Bénédicte Biemar (sous la coordination de), Benoît Kohl (sous la coordination de), Collectif,

    Le principe fondamental de la liberté contractuelle devrait permettre aux parties de négocier individuellement chaque clause d’un contrat sur un pied d’égalité.

  • Transformative Transitional Justice and the Malleability of Post Conflict States

    Transformative Transitional Justice and the Malleability of Post-Conflict States
    Padraig McAuliffe

    This book explores transitional justice’s prospects for seeking economic justice and reform of structures of poverty in the specific context of post-conflict states.

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