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  • Eagle Down Is Our Law

    Eagle Down Is Our Law
    Antonia Mills

    Eagle Down Is Our Law is about the struggle of the Witsuwit'en peoples to establish the meaning of aboriginal rights.

  • Indigenous Legal Traditions

    Indigenous Legal Traditions
    Law Commission of Canada

    The essays in this book present important perspectives on the role of Indigenous legal traditions in reclaiming and preserving the autonomy of Aboriginal communities and in reconciling the relationship between these communities and Canadian …

  • Indian Justice

    Indian Justice
    John Howard Payne

    In his foreword to this new edition, Rennard Strickland places the case in historical and contemporary context, exploring the evolution of tribal court systems and Indian justice over the past century and a half.

  • A Gathering of Statesmen

    A Gathering of Statesmen
    Peter Perkins Pitchlynn

    While they still lived on their native lands in central Mississippi, they would soon be forcibly removed to Oklahoma. This book makes available for the first time a key legal document from this turbulent period in Choctaw history.

  • En defensa del territorio

    En defensa del territorio
    Sara Mabel Villalba Portillo

    El despojo de tierra y de recursos naturales constituye un agravio secular a los pueblos indígenas y ha generado numerosas movilizaciones en las últimas décadas.

  • Native Peoples and Water Rights

    Native Peoples and Water Rights
    Kenichi Matsui

    Through a combination of field work and archival research, Kenichi Matsui offers an original and pioneering overview of the evolution of water law and agricultural policies in the Canadian west.

  • Native Title Corporations

    Native Title Corporations
    Christos Mantziaris, David Martin

    This book combines conventional legal analysis with hands-on anthropology and corporate governance know-how to provide practical guidance on this issue.

  • Indigenous Peoples Civil Society and the Neo liberal State in Latin America

    Indigenous Peoples, Civil Society, and the Neo-liberal State in Latin America
    Edward F. Fischer

    A ground-breaking ethnographic approach to civil society as it is formed in indigenous communities in Latin America, this volume explores the multiple potentialities of civil society's growth and critically assesses the potential for …

  • Pagans in the Promised Land

    Pagans in the Promised Land
    Steven T. Newcomb

    An analysis of how religious bias shaped U.S. federal Indian law.

  • Law Power and Culture

    Law, Power and Culture
    Fauzia Knight

    A fresh theory on how individuals respond to inequalities occurring within their own communities.

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