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  • Business Power

    Business Power
    Robert Shearer

    Starting with the Foreword by the Honorable Robert Cresanti, Business Power: Creating New Wealth from IP Assets places you in the company of some of the most experienced IP professionals—including Dr. Pam Cohen, William Coughlin, Karl …

  • Originality in EU Copyright

    Originality in EU Copyright
    Eleonora Rosati

    Through an assessment of the originality requirement, this work guides the reader in interpreting judicial decisions which are of fundamental importance to current and future understanding of EU copyright.

  • International Copyright

    International Copyright
    Paul Goldstein, P. Bernt Hugenholtz

    Written by two of the most esteemed experts of copyright law in the United States and Europe, this volume is a unique synthesis of copyright law and practice, taking into account the Berne Convention, the TRIPs Agreement, the ongoing …

  • The True History of Copyright

    The True History of Copyright
    Benedict Atkinson

    This book brings to life the fascinating hidden interplay of personalities and events that made modern copyright law.

  • Biodiversity and the Law

    Biodiversity and the Law
    Charles R. McManis

    This authoritative volume, written by leading legal experts and biological and social scientists from around the world, addresses this question in all of its complexity.

  • Inclusive Branding

    Inclusive Branding
    Klaus Schmidt, Chris Ludlow

    This book explains the genesis and characteristics of the holistic approach, including its dimensions, structure and methodology, then demonstrates its startling relevance to today's pressing global business issues.

  • Model Jury Instructions

    Model Jury Instructions
    Denise Loring

    This addition to the Model Jury Instruction series provides clear and balanced instructions for presentations to juries in patent litigation.

  • International Intellectual Property Arbitration

    International Intellectual Property Arbitration
    Trevor Cook, Alejandro I. Garcia

    More and more, intellectual property disputes tend to be multijurisdictional in nature, and parties everywhere are turning to international arbitration as the most promising means of resolution.

  • Scott on Outsourcing

    Scott on Outsourcing
    Michael Dennis Scott

    It's been going on for decades.

  • Patent Searching Made Easy

    Patent Searching Made Easy
    David Hitchcock

    In Patent Searching Made Easy, find the plain-English information you need to: verify the patent status of an idea search Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries use online patent search services A physicist, engineer, and patent …

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