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  • Копирайтинг
    Дмитрий Кот

    Эта книга – набор методик, приемов и секретов по написанию продающих текстов. Каждая глава содержит совет или прием, готовый к …

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    Копирайтинг массового поражения
    Денис Каплунов, Каплунов Д А

    Грамотно составленный рекламный текст способен стать эффективным оружием продаж, а неубедительный – это выброшенные на ветер …

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    Брендинг: Учебное пособие
    Макашова Зинаида Мефодиевна, Макашев Максим Олегович

    В пособии рассмотрены теория и методология формирования процесса организации управления брендингом и ее основные составляющие: …

  • International Intellectual Property Arbitration

    International Intellectual Property Arbitration
    Trevor Cook, Alejandro I. Garcia

    More and more, intellectual property disputes tend to be multijurisdictional in nature, and parties everywhere are turning to international arbitration as the most promising means of resolution.

  • Scott on Outsourcing

    Scott on Outsourcing
    Michael Dennis Scott

    It's been going on for decades.

  • Patent Searching Made Easy

    Patent Searching Made Easy
    David Hitchcock

    In Patent Searching Made Easy, find the plain-English information you need to: verify the patent status of an idea search Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries use online patent search services A physicist, engineer, and patent …

  • The International Mobility of Talent and Innovation

    The International Mobility of Talent and Innovation
    Carsten Fink, Ernest Miguelez

    Drawing on fresh data, this book investigates why talented individuals migrate and how they shape innovation around the world.

  • Licensing Best Practices

    Licensing Best Practices
    Robert Goldscheider

    A definitive resource for professionals in licensing and technology management In this comprehensive guide to licensing best practices, esteemed members of the Licensing Executives Society International offer in-depth discussion of a broad …

  • Intellectual Property Strategy

    Intellectual Property Strategy
    John Palfrey

    In this book, intellectual property expert and Harvard Law School professor John Palfrey offers a short briefing on intellectual property strategy for corporate managers and nonprofit administrators.

  • Art Law

    Art Law
    Michael E. Jones

    Covering topics such as acquisition, grants, and buying and selling, this book takes a look at the ethical and legal issues and rights that confront the art community and museums.

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