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  • Judicial Decision Making in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

    Judicial Decision Making in Child Sexual Abuse Cases
    Margaret M. Wright

    The word "rape" was replaced with a continuum of categories intended to reflect the full range of sexually intrusive behaviours. Margaret Wright examines how the courts have dealt with child sexual abuse cases since then.

  • Power without Law

    Power without Law
    Alex M. Cameron

    In Power without Law Alex Cameron enlivens the debate over judicial activism with an unprecedented examination of the details of the Marshall case, analyzing the evidence and procedure in the trial court and tracing the legal arguments …

  • Girls on the Stand

    Girls on the Stand
    Helena Silverstein

    In making this case, the book casts doubt not only on the structure of parental involvement mandates but also on the naive faith in the law that sustains them.

  • The Constrained Court

    The Constrained Court
    Michael A. Bailey, Forrest Maltzman

    By showing how law and politics interact in the construction of American law, this book sheds new light on the unique role that the Supreme Court plays in the constitutional order.

  • Roberto Esposito

    Roberto Esposito
    Peter Langford

    Roberto Esposito: Law, Community and the Political provides a critical legal introduction to this increasingly influential Italian theorist’s work, by focusing on Esposito’s reconceptualisation of the relationship between law, community …

  • Judicial Power Democracy and Legal Positivism

    Judicial Power, Democracy and Legal Positivism
    Tom D. Campbell, Jeffrey Goldsworthy

    In this book, a distinguished international group of legal theorists re-examine legal positivism as a prescriptive political theory and consider its implications for the constitutionally defined roles of legislatures and courts.

  • Proportionality and Judicial Activism

    Proportionality and Judicial Activism
    Niels Petersen

    This book uses empirical analysis to show that courts refrain from using the proportionality test as a means of judicial activism.

  • La giustizia  una cosa seria

    La giustizia è una cosa seria
    Nicola Gratteri, Antonio Nicaso

  • The Next 25 Years

    The Next 25 Years
    Martin Garbus

    In The Next 25 Years, renowned First Amendment lawyer Martin Garbus examines what will be the impact of the new Supreme Court on the future of our republic.

  • Harvard Law Review Volume 130 Number 2 December 2016

    Harvard Law Review: Volume 130, Number 2 – December 2016
    Harvard Law Review

    It comes out monthly from November through June and has roughly 2500 pages per volume. Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions. This is the second issue of academic year 2016-2017.

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