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  • Weak Courts Strong Rights

    Weak Courts, Strong Rights
    Mark Tushnet

    In part this is because many Americans believe that the courts cannot possibly enforce such guarantees.

  • Cattivi per sempre

    Cattivi per sempre?
    Ornella Favero

    E se non fosse così? Ornella Favero – da vent’anni impegnata, con Ristretti Orizzonti, nell’informazione, nella formazione e negli interventi sulle pene e sul carcere – ha compiuto un viaggio nell’Alta Sicurezza.

  • The Constrained Court

    The Constrained Court
    Michael A. Bailey, Forrest Maltzman

    By showing how law and politics interact in the construction of American law, this book sheds new light on the unique role that the Supreme Court plays in the constitutional order.

  • Checking the Courts

    Checking the Courts
    Kirk A. Randazzo, Richard W. Waterman

    In Checking the Courts, Kirk A. Randazzo and Richard W. Waterman offer a model that integrates ideological and legal factors through an empirical measure of statutory discretion.

  • Proportionality and Judicial Activism

    Proportionality and Judicial Activism
    Niels Petersen

    This book uses empirical analysis to show that courts refrain from using the proportionality test as a means of judicial activism.

  • The Next 25 Years

    The Next 25 Years
    Martin Garbus

    In The Next 25 Years, renowned First Amendment lawyer Martin Garbus examines what will be the impact of the new Supreme Court on the future of our republic.

  • Harvard Law Review Volume 130 Number 2 December 2016

    Harvard Law Review: Volume 130, Number 2 – December 2016
    Harvard Law Review

    It comes out monthly from November through June and has roughly 2500 pages per volume. Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions. This is the second issue of academic year 2016-2017.

  • Harvard Law Review Volume 129 Number 1 November 2015

    Harvard Law Review: Volume 129, Number 1 – November 2015
    Harvard Law Review

    The November issue of the Harvard Law Review is the special annual review of the U.S. Supreme Court's previous Term.

  • Constitutional Dialogue in Common Law Asia

    Constitutional Dialogue in Common Law Asia
    Po Jen Yap

    Drawing on the history and constitutional framework of these Asian law systems, this book examines the political structures and traditions that were inherited from the British colonial government and the major constitutional developments …

  • Social and Economic Rights in Theory and Practice

    Social and Economic Rights in Theory and Practice
    Helena Alviar García, Karl Klare, Lucy A. Williams

    This book will be of great use and interest to students and scholars of comparative constitutional law, human rights, public international law, development studies, and democratic political theory.

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