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  • Tout savoir sur les d g ts locatifs

    Tout savoir sur les dégâts locatifs
    Pierre Jammar

    Cet ouvrage vous offre une vision complète des enjeux et implications liés aux dégâts locatifs. À PROPOS DE L'AUTEUR Pierre Jammar est Agent Immobilier diplômé.

  • The California Landlord s Law Book

    The California Landlord’s Law Book
    David Brown, Janet Portman, Scott Freedman, Nils Rosenquest

    No resource, in print or online, gives such detailed and practical information to California landlords and property managers, who are subject to a large number of detailed state, local, and federal laws and regulations.

  • Harvard Law Review Volume 130 Number 5 March 2017

    Harvard Law Review: Volume 130, Number 5 – March 2017
    Harvard Law Review

  • Smallholder irrigation schemes in the Limpopo Province South Africa

    Smallholder irrigation schemes in the Limpopo Province, South Africa
    van Koppen, Barbara, Nhamo, Luxon, Cai, Xueliang, Gabriel, M. J., Sekgala, M., Shikwambana, S., Tshikolomo, K., Nevhutanda, S., Matlala, B., Manyama, D.

    A survey of 76 public smallholder irrigation schemes in the Limpopo Province was jointly conducted by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), South Africa, and the …

  • Buy It Rent It Profit Updated Edition

    Buy It, Rent It, Profit! (Updated Edition)
    Bryan Chavis

    Updated edition of Buy it, rent it, profit!, 2009.

  • First Time Landlord

    First-Time Landlord
    Janet Portman, Marcia Stewart, Ilona Bray

    A guide to the basics of being a part-time landlord shares concise information tailored to the needs of property owners with minimal experience and covers such topics as evaluating a property's profit potential, handling repairs and …

  • Il processo locatizio Dalla formazione all esecuzione del titolo

    Il processo locatizio. Dalla formazione all’esecuzione del titolo
    Mauro Di Marzio, Michele Di Mauro

  • Landlord and Tenant Law

    Landlord and Tenant Law
    Susan Bright

    This unique collection of essays, written by leading practitioners, policy makers and academics, looks at patterns of landlord and tenant law: past, present and future.

  • Rental Property Profits

    Rental-Property Profits
    Michael C. THOMSETT

    This book will help build your nest egg, while bypassing costly mistakes.

  • Compravendita Condominio Locazioni

    Compravendita, Condominio, Locazioni
    Mariagrazia Monegat, Augusto Cirla

    Il volume tratta con approccio sistematico e multidisciplinare tutti gli aspetti relativi agli immobili: – compravendita immobiliare – condominio – locazione Partendo dalle trattative precontrattuali, dal contratto di compravendita e dal …

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