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  • C digo do Notariado

    Código do Notariado

    Estatuto do Notariado Estatuto da Ordem dos Notários Autorização pelo Notário para a Prática de Determinados Actos pelos Seus Trabalhadores Regulamento Emolumentar dos Registos e Notariado Regime Jurídico do Processo de Inventário …

  • Lawyers Desk Book 2013 Edition

    Lawyers Desk Book, 2013 Edition
    Dana Shilling

    Federal statutes andrevised sentencing guides covered in this edition reflect a growing interestin preventing terrorism, punishing terror-related crimes, and promotinggreater uniformity of sentencing.

  • The Lawyers Guide to Adobe Acrobat

    The Lawyers Guide to Adobe Acrobat
    David L. Masters

    More and more court systems require electronic filing, and thisis the definitive guide to the standard for those filing systems

  • Maximizing Law Firm Profitability

    Maximizing Law Firm Profitability
    Susan G. Manch, Marcia Pennington Shannon

    Maximizing Law Firm Profitability: Hiring, Training and Developing Productive Lawyers shows you how to manage your own practice and how to develop the potential of the people reporting to you.

  • Essential Knowledge and Management Issues in Law Firms

    Essential Knowledge and Management Issues in Law Firms
    Martin Apistola, Petter Gottschalk

    This book covers important topics such as characteristics of knowledge, knowledge management systems, objectives and strategies, knowledge processes, change analysis, and change strategy framework.

  • Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms

    Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms
    Matthew Parsons

    This book will be an invaluable resource for all those involved with the management and leadership of law firms and knowledge management initiatives.

  • Serving Two Masters

    Serving Two Masters
    Janine Griffiths-Baker

    This is a field within which the Law Society's own rules are flouted on a daily basis, and in which these rules appear increasingly at odds with the common law.Based on extensive interviews with lawyers and their clients, this book provides …

  • The Lawyer s Guide to Marketing on the Internet

    The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet
    Gregory H. Siskind, Deborah McMurray, Richard P. Klau

    This book shows how to effectively, and efficiently, market a law practice on the Internet.

  • Partner Departures and Lateral Moves

    Partner Departures and Lateral Moves
    Geri S. Krauss

    This essential guide answers those questions. Legal expert Geri Krauss provides guidance for both the partner and the acquiring firm in connection with exploring a new affiliation.

  • Law of Lawyering

    Law of Lawyering
    Geoffrey C. Hazard, W. William Hodes, Peter R. Jarvis

    Substantially revised in this two-volume Fourth Edition to reflect the recent revisions of to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, this essential book reflects the latest developments in the law governing lawyer conduct, not only lawyer …

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