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  • Colonial Justice

    Colonial Justice
    David Murray

    'This valuable book should be in all libraries concerned with legal or Canadian history.'

  • Ancient Law and Modern Understanding

    Ancient Law and Modern Understanding
    Alan Watson

    In Ancient Law and Modern Understanding Alan Watson proposes that ancient law is relevant and important for understanding history, theology, sociology, and literature.

  • Power Authority Justice and Rights

    Power, Authority, Justice, and Rights
    Anthony De Crespigny, Alan Wertheimer

    Although political scientists and their students tended, prior to the seventies, to approach political theory as the history of political ideas, a rapid growth of interest in political theory as the analysis of political concepts led to the …

  • Dissenters Radicals Heretics and Blasphemers

    Dissenters, Radicals, Heretics and Blasphemers
    John Hostettler

    Taking key events from both the past and modern times John Hostettler demonstrates how when legitimate avenues of challenge to the actions of the state or other powerful groups are closed to people then they are bound to assert their rights …

  • Alger Hiss s Looking Glass Wars

    Alger Hiss’s Looking-Glass Wars
    G. Edward White

    The story of Alger Hiss is in part a reflection of Cold War America–a time of ideological passions, partisan battles, and secret lives.

  • Lawyers Litigation English Society Since 1450

    Lawyers, Litigation & English Society Since 1450
    Christopher Brooks, Michael Lobban

    Christopher Brooks, in this series of essays roughly half of which are previously unpublished, approaches the law from two different angles: the uses made of courts and the fluctuations in the fortunes of the legal profession.

  • De Pace Regis Et Regni

    De Pace Regis Et Regni
    Ferdinando Pulton

    Originally published: London: printed for the Companie of Stationers, 1609.

  • Common law Pleading

    Common-law Pleading
    Richard Ross Perry

    Perry, Ross R. Common-law Pleading: Its History and Principles.

  • Federal Habeas Corpus

    Federal Habeas Corpus
    Charles Doyle

    Federal habeas corpus as we know it is by and large a procedure under which a federal court may review the legality of an individual's incarceration.

  • Colonial Law Lords

    Colonial Law Lords
    John Michael Bennett

    Still evolving until Federation, the concept was so unsettled as to create major contests between the judiciary and the other arms of government. This book begins with the premature collapse of the first Ministry in August 1856.

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