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  • Our Martens F F Martens International Lawyer and Architecht of Peace

    Our Martens:F.F. Martens, International Lawyer and Architecht of Peace
    Vladimir Vasilʹevich Pustogarov, William Elliott Butler

    The rule of law, peace, disarmament, human rights: these are no longer empty words, but legal concepts steadily gaining force among nations.

  • Law

    Amy Hackney Blackwell

    Provides an overview of the history of the law industry; discusses employment, wages, trends, key events, leaders, and forces; profiles jobs; and offers tips for professional success.

  • Controlling Voices

    Controlling Voices
    TyAnna K. Herrington

    TyAnna K. Herrington explains current intellectual property law and examines the effect of the Internet and ideological power on its interpretation.

  • Attorney for the Frontier

    Attorney for the Frontier
    Dale Gibson, Lee Gibson

  • Sovereignty and its Discontents

    Sovereignty and its Discontents
    William Rasch

    This book argues for the centrality of conflict in any notion of the political.

  • EU Mediation Law and Practice

    EU Mediation Law and Practice
    Giuseppe De Palo, Mary B. Trevor

    A practical reference on the EU rules and international initiatives that impact directly on EU cross-border disputes, this handbook is a must-have for any practitioner of cross-border mediation.

  • Advocacy

    David Ross

    This revised edition of Advocacy explains how to win cases in court.

  • Briefcase on Contract Law

    Briefcase on Contract Law
    Simon Salzedy, Peter Brunner

    First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Spartan Education

    Spartan Education
    Edward H. Warren

    This is a reprint of the 1942 edition, which was strictly limited to 1000 copies. (Despite requests for additional copies, Warren refused to reissue the book. (He published an edition of extracts instead, however, in order to address these …

  • Ordinamento forense e deontologia Manuale breve

    Ordinamento forense e deontologia. Manuale breve
    Remo Danovi

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