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  • Checking the Courts

    Checking the Courts
    Kirk A. Randazzo, Richard W. Waterman

    In Checking the Courts, Kirk A. Randazzo and Richard W. Waterman offer a model that integrates ideological and legal factors through an empirical measure of statutory discretion.

  • Who Rules Japan

    Who Rules Japan?
    Leon Wolff, Luke Nottage, Kent Anderson

    The dramatic growth of the Japanese economy in the postwar period, and its meltdown in the 1990s, has attracted sustained interest in the power dynamics underlying the management of Japanês administrative state.

  • Civil Advocacy

    Civil Advocacy
    Charles Foster, Jacqueline Gillatt, Charles Bourne, Popat Prashant

    This book is a practical guide to practice and procedure in courts and tribunals.

  • Towards a Just Society

    Towards a Just Society
    Alastair Hudson

  • Supreme Court The

    Supreme Court, The
    Paul Finkelman

    An insightful, chronological—by chief justice—examination of the Supreme Court that enables students and readers to understand and appreciate the constitutional role the Court plays in American government and society. • Useful for …

  • For the Poor and Disenfranchised

    For the Poor and Disenfranchised
    Robert Sauté

    Although there have been many advances in the ways those needs are met, Sauté closely examines the influence of the market, social movements and other factors and suggests that those responses have been inadequate, particularly in light of …

  • The Dynamics of Law

    The Dynamics of Law
    Michael S Hamilton, George W Spiro

    Thoroughly revised and updated, this widely used text offers a concise introduction to the American legal system for students without a legal background.

  • A Modern View of the Law of Torts

    A Modern View of the Law of Torts
    J. S. Colyer

    This book begins with a description of the civil rights of an individual who is wronged by another person, followed by a particular attention to the remedies that are available to people who are wronged by any of the standard torts.

  • Emerging Best Practices in Legal Records Management

    Emerging Best Practices in Legal Records Management

    This report looks closely at legal records management, and provides information and analysis on staff size and training, attorney-records staff relations, outsourcing, negotiations with warehouse suppliers, use of digital imaging, use of …

  • Survey of Law Firm Policies on Alternative Pricing of Legal Services 01 2014

    Survey of Law Firm Policies on Alternative Pricing of Legal Services 01/2014
    Primary Research Group

    How much have firms spent to study alternative pricing models? How have firms altered their manpower deployment practices in response to pressures to lower costs? What percentage of clients have proposed non-traditional pricing structures?

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