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  • O Homem que Pensou o Brasil

    O Homem que Pensou o Brasil

    Cabe reler o que ele escreveu, o que ele recomendou e, se possível, tentar cumprir pelo menos algumas das soluções práticas apresentadas a esses problemas pelo homem que, mais do que qualquer outro intelectual da segunda metade do …

  • Checking the Courts

    Checking the Courts
    Kirk A. Randazzo, Richard W. Waterman

    In Checking the Courts, Kirk A. Randazzo and Richard W. Waterman offer a model that integrates ideological and legal factors through an empirical measure of statutory discretion.

  • The Guide to U S Legal Analysis and Communication

    The Guide to U.S. Legal Analysis and Communication
    Deborah B. McGregor, Cynthia M. Adams

    Written primarily for the international lawyer studying law in the United States, this text introduces students to legal analysis and communications used in U.S. legal practice.

  • Resolving Mass Disputes

    Resolving Mass Disputes
    Christopher Hodges, Astrid Stadler

    Raising a series of questions on resolving mass disputes, and fuelling future debate, this book will provide a challenging and thought-provoking read for law academics, practitioners and policy-makers.

  • Las costas en el proceso civil romano

    Las costas en el proceso civil romano
    Alfonso Agudo Ruiz

    Las costas procesales no han recibido una gran atención por parte de la doctrina romanística, la cual, por regla general, se ha detenido en el estudio de aspectos parciales del tema.

  • Counsel for the Deceived

    Counsel for the Deceived
    Philip G. Schrag

    " This book is a unique demonstration of a rare ability to report true crime as it occurs in everyday life. It is a witty and perceptive analysis of the actual working of our government and our courts.

  • Verteidigung in Stra enverkehrs OWi Verfahren

    Verteidigung in Straßenverkehrs-OWi-Verfahren
    Ingo E. Fromm

    Die Neuauflage wurde vollständig überarbeitet, umfassend erweitert und auf den neuesten Stand gebracht.

  • The Media the Court and the Misrepresentation

    The Media, the Court, and the Misrepresentation
    Rorie Spill Solberg, Eric N. Waltenburg

    This book uncovers and describes this coverage and compares it to the confirmation hearings, the Court’s actual work, even its members.

  • Legal Counsel Frequently Asked Questions about the Law Book 2

    Legal Counsel: Frequently Asked Questions about the Law, Book 2
    Les Vandor

    Addressing ordinary people asking ordinary questions and seeking simple, straightforward answers about the law, these books are designed to cover everything from birth to death.

  • Civil Advocacy

    Civil Advocacy
    Charles Foster, Jacqueline Gillatt, Charles Bourne, Popat Prashant

    This book is a practical guide to practice and procedure in courts and tribunals.

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