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  • Reading The Legal Case

    Reading The Legal Case
    Marco Wan

    This volume examines the nature, function, development and epistemological assumptions of the legal case in an interdisciplinary context.

  • Garner s Dictionary of Legal Usage

    Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage
    Bryan A. Garner

    Rev. ed. of: A dictionary of modern legal usage / Bryan A. Garner. 2nd ed. 1995.

  • A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Method

    A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Method
    John C. Dernbach, Richard V. Singleton, Cathleen S. Wharton, Catherine J. Wasson, Joan M. Ruhtenberg

    The text is concise and flexible, teaching students to apply legal method concepts to a written or oral argument through a combination of introductory exposition, extensive examples, and practice exercises.

  • Legal Writing and Analysis

    Legal Writing and Analysis
    Linda H. Edwards

    Features: New material on drawing factual inferences, one of the most important kinds of reasoning for legal writers. Citation materials updated to cover the new editions of both ALWD and the Bluebook.

  • Pornography and the Justices

    Pornography and the Justices
    Richard F. Hixson

    As long as the government does not discriminate against specific points of view and as long as there is ample protection of minors and nonconsenting adults, Hixson argues that the private collection of pornography is up to the individual.

  • Writing to Win

    Writing to Win
    Steven D. Stark

    Each chapter opens with a succinct set of rules for easy reference. No other legal writing book on the market is as practical, as focused on results, as well written as Writing to Win. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Letters for Litigators

    Letters for Litigators
    Daniel I. Small, Robin Page West

    This publication includes numerous letters that can help simplify the task of communicating with opposing counsel, witnesses, clients, the court and others.

  • Legal Research and Writing Handbook

    Legal Research and Writing Handbook
    Andrea B. Yelin

    The Student Workbook provides for extensive practice, sharpening research and writing skills. Thoroughly revised, the Sixth Edition presents new sample pages and updated exercises.

  • Advanced Legal Writing

    Advanced Legal Writing
    Michael R. Smith

    The depth and scope of this text make it appropriate for upper-level legal writing courses. The Third Edition has been expanded to include the use of movies and other popular culture media in chapters dealing with literary references.

  • Legal Writing for Real Lawyers

    Legal Writing for Real Lawyers
    Russell T. Bowlan, J.D., M.A.

    This is not another tedious rulebook littered with unfounded gimmicks contrived at a faculty mixer.

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