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  • Illeciti e sanzioni

    Illeciti e sanzioni
    Pierluigi Rausei

    La sesta edizione racchiude le novità di legislazione, prassi amministrativa e giurisprudenza che riguardano l’insieme di tutte le violazioni penali e amministrative del diritto del lavoro, della previdenza sociale e della sicurezza sui …

  • Il danno da circolazione stradale

    Il danno da circolazione stradale
    Riccardo Mazzon

    AGGIORNATO alle ll. 125/2009 e 94/2009 Dal nuovo codice delle assicurazioni private agli svariati regolamenti ISVAP, alla sentenza delle Sezioni Unite n. 26972/2008, alle l. 125/2009 e 94/2009 modificative del nuovo codice della strada …

  • When Robots Kill

    When Robots Kill
    Gabriel Hallevy

    The first book to develop standards for the criminal liability of artificial intelligence technologies

  • CGL Policy Handbook

    CGL Policy Handbook
    Britton D. Weimer, Clarance E. Hagglund, Andrew F. Whitman, Arlene Jorgensen Hillestad

    This comprehensive manual provides outstanding analysis of how CGL policy may integrate with many other primary liability policies and umbrella policies and offers helpful guidance for determining when specialized insurance policies or …

  • Legal Liability

    Legal Liability
    Thomas D. Schneid, Michael S. Schumann

    This text clarifies in answering basic questions about legal liability, how to minimize, prevent and identify legal risks. Appendices, case studies and sample forms are also included in this helpful resource.

  • The Liability Maze

    The Liability Maze
    Peter W. Huber, Robert E. Litan

    In The Liability Maze experts address the issues surrounding safety and innovation and present the most detailed and comprehensive study to date on the actual impact of U.S. liability law.

  • Canary in the Courtroom

    Canary in the Courtroom
    Jessie MacLeod

    This book is a must-read for anyone concerned about product safety and for anyone in the mood for a good courtroom drama.

  • Actualit s en droit des assurances

    Actualités en droit des assurances
    Vincent Callewaert, Catherine Paris

    Le droit des assurances est en constante évolution.

  • The Trouble with Ownership

    The Trouble with Ownership
    Jody Greene

    Greene puts forth what she calls a "paranoid theory of copyright," under which literary property rights are a means of state regulation to assign responsibility for printed works, to identify one person who will step forward and claim the …

  • Secured Credit and the Harmonisation of Law

    Secured Credit and the Harmonisation of Law
    Gerard McCormack

    This book will be of great interest to practitioners, policymakers and academics, as well as students, particularly postgraduate students, of law and business throughout the world.

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