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  • Landmark Cases in Forensic Psychiatry

    Landmark Cases in Forensic Psychiatry
    Dr Elizabeth Ford, Dr Merrill Rotter

    This book represents an important addition to the study tools and textbooks available related to psychiatry and the law and will serve as a useful reference for clinicians who must follow established legal requirements in their field.

  • Mental Health Law Policy and Practice

    Mental Health Law: Policy and Practice
    Peter Bartlett, Ralph Sandland

    This text provides a detailed overview of mental health law and the socio-legal, historical, sociological, and cultural issues related to them.

  • The Equality Act 2010 in Mental Health

    The Equality Act 2010 in Mental Health
    Hári Sewell

    This book will be a valuable resource for those involved in providing mental health services, including managers and frontline workers across health and social care.

  • Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System

    Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System
    Daniel W. Phillips III

    This valuable text provides a broad interdisciplinary view of the topic and presents important qualitative and quantitative research of specific topics, such as the effectiveness of prisoner representatives, the causal link between …

  • The Unjust Justice

    The Unjust Justice
    Edward Castle

    "The Unjust Justice" is the story of a young man who, because of the social stigma that prevails over individuals plagued with schizophrenia, lost his freedom within an abusive system of injustice.

  • Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders Adults

    Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders (Adults)
    Christine A. Courtois, Julian D. Ford

    Combining scientific and clinical perspectives, this volume brings together leading authorities on complex traumatic stress and its treatment in adults.

  • The Rules of Insanity

    The Rules of Insanity
    Carl Elliott

    In The Rules of Insanity, Carl Elliott draws on philosophy and psychiatry to develop a conceptual framework for judging the moral responsibility of mentally ill offenders.

  • State of the Art in Clinical Supervision

    State of the Art in Clinical Supervision
    John R. Culbreth, Lori L. Brown

    Current and future supervisors will no doubt find the innovative and informative strategies described in this book invaluable in their work with supervisees.

  • Practicum and Internship

    Practicum and Internship
    Judith Scott, John C. Boylan, Christin M. Jungers

    This text guides students through the important pre-professional training experiences, from the selection of an appropriate practicum site to the final evaluation of the internship.

  • The Origins of Happiness

    The Origins of Happiness
    Andrew E. Clark, Sarah Flèche, Richard Layard, Nattavudh Powdthavee, George Ward

    How would policy change if well-being were the main objective? The Origins of Happiness seeks to revolutionize how we think about human priorities and to promote public policy changes that are based on what really matters to people.

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