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  • A Practice that Works

    A Practice that Works
    Steven M. Harris, Ph.D, David C. Ivey, Ph.D, Roy A. Bean, Ph.D.

    This book pulls together a group of mental health professionals who have branched out into new markets and services.

  • Fundamentals of Forensic Practice

    Fundamentals of Forensic Practice
    Richard Rogers, Daniel Shuman

    Uniquely practical and comprehensive, this volume operationalizes legal standards and describes empirically validated methods for their evaluation.

  • Mental Health Care in the African American Community

    Mental Health Care in the African-American Community
    Sadye Logan, Ramona Denby, Priscilla A Gibson

    This text is extensively referenced and includes figures and tables to clearly illustrate data.

  • Landmark Cases in Forensic Psychiatry

    Landmark Cases in Forensic Psychiatry
    Dr Elizabeth Ford, Dr Merrill Rotter

    This book represents an important addition to the study tools and textbooks available related to psychiatry and the law and will serve as a useful reference for clinicians who must follow established legal requirements in their field.

  • Global Status Report

    Global Status Report

    The Global Status Report on Alcohol 2004 is a new edition of the Report published by WHO in 1999. This edition provides an update of the role of alcohol in global health and contains data not found in the earlier edition.

  • Children with Mental Disorder and the Law

    Children with Mental Disorder and the Law
    Anthony Harbour

    This book provides a guide to the law relating to mental health care for children and young people, their rights and entitlement to service, and discusses important issues in clinical and social care practice such as parental responsibility …

  • Mental Health Law Policy and Practice

    Mental Health Law: Policy and Practice
    Peter Bartlett, Ralph Sandland

    This text provides a detailed overview of mental health law and the socio-legal, historical, sociological, and cultural issues related to them.

  • Decisions and Dilemmas

    Decisions and Dilemmas
    Jill Peay

    This book examines the practical, ethical and legal terrain of duo-disciplinary decision-making: given identical cases, what dilemmas do psychiatrists and approved social workers encounter, do they reach the same or similar decisions and, …

  • Mental Condition Defences and the Criminal Justice System

    Mental Condition Defences and the Criminal Justice System
    Ben Livings, Alan Reed, Nicola Wake

    These reviews are set against the backdrop of earlier Law Commission reports on partial defences to murder which informed significant changes that were made to the law in this area under sections 52–56 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 …

  • Texas Law and the Practice of Psychology

    Texas Law and the Practice of Psychology
    Emily G. Sutter, Robert McPherson

    Texas Law and the Practice of Psychology provides licensed psychologists, professional counselors, mental health professionals, and professors with the key legal and policy issues specific to the state of Texas today.

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