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  • To Kill Another

    To Kill Another
    Graham McAleer

    The problem of human vulnerability makes political theology an inescapable consideration for law. Readers will find much to reflect upon in this book.

  • Intention and Identity

    Intention and Identity
    John Finnis

    Intention and Identity presents John Finnis's accounts of personal existence; group identity and common good; and the moral significance of personal intention.

  • Natural Rights and the Right to Choose

    Natural Rights and the Right to Choose
    Hadley Arkes

    This book argues that the 'right to abortion' has shifted American politics away from the doctrine of natural rights held by the Founders.

  • Rights and Duties Welfare rights and duties of charity Volume 5

    Rights and Duties: Welfare rights and duties of charity, Volume 5
    Carl Wellman

    This volume is a comprehensive collection of critical essays on The Taming of the Shrew, and includes extensive discussions of the play's various printed versions and its theatrical productions.

  • Natural Law

    Natural Law
    Howard P. Kainz

    Tracing the development of natural law from ancient times to the present, the book also examines the leading figures, transitions, and turning points in the idea's evolution, and brings a natural law approach to contemporary issues such as …

  • Iusnaturalismo y positivismo jurĂ dico

    Iusnaturalismo y positivismo jurĂ­dico
    Javier Dorado Porras

    En este trabajo, el autor se centra en uno de los temas centrales de la filosofía jurídica a lo largo del siglo XX, el de la polémica entre el iusnaturalismo y el positivismo jurídico sobre el concepto de derecho.

  • The Vocation of Our Age for Legislation and Jurisprudence

    The Vocation of Our Age for Legislation and Jurisprudence
    Friedrich Karl von Savigny

    Savigny, Frederick Charles von. Of the Vocation of Our Age for Legislation and Jurisprudence. Translated by Abraham Hayward. London: Littlewood, [1831]. ix, [9]-192 pp. Reprinted 2002 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 2001041396.

  • Seis escenarios de la historia

    Seis escenarios de la historia
    Luis Palacios Bañuelos

    Esta agrupado en seis campos o escenarios de la historia. En el escenario dedicado a la biograf¡a, se hace referencia a, Espartero y Blas Infante, junto al marqu‚s de la Vega-Incl n o el infante Alfonso de Orle ns.

  • Don Juan JosĂ de Austria en la monarquĂ a hispĂ nica

    Don Juan José de Austria en la monarquía hispánica
    Ignacio Ruiz RodrĂ­guez

    Sin embargo no est en absoluto de m s que se realicen aportaciones serias como la que nos ofrece en este amplio volumen el Profesor de Historia del Derecho Don Ignacio Ruiz Rodr¡guez, basadas en una ingente labor de archivo, con objeto de …

  • Legal Naturalism

    Legal Naturalism
    Olufemi Taiwo

    Olufemi Taiwo argues that embedded in the corpus of Marxist writing is a plausible, adequate, and coherent legal theory. He describes Marx's general concept of law, which he calls "legal naturalism.

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