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  • Tierra y Libertad

    Tierra y Libertad
    Steven W. Bender

    In Tierra y Libertad, Steven W. Bender traces the history of Latinos’ struggle for adequate housing opportunities, from the nineteenth century to today’s anti-immigrant policies and national mortgage crisis.

  • Property Law and Social Morality

    Property Law and Social Morality
    Peter M. Gerhart

    Property Law and Social Morality develops a theory of property that highlights the social construction of obligations that individuals owe each other.

  • An Introduction to Property Theory

    An Introduction to Property Theory
    Gregory S. Alexander, Eduardo M. Peñalver

    An introduction to the leading modern theories of property and applies those theories to concrete contexts in which property issues have been especially controversial.

  • Landmark Cases in Land Law

    Landmark Cases in Land Law
    Nigel Gravells

    The eleven cases in this volume cover the period 1834 to 2011, although, interestingly, no fewer than six of the cases were decided or reported in the 1980s. The names of the selected cases will be familiar to property lawyers.

  • Property

    Steven Emanuel

    The most trusted name in law school outlines, Emanuel Law Outlines support your class preparation, provide reference for your outline creation, and supply a comprehensive breakdown of topic matter for your entire study process.

  • Real Estate Due Diligence

    Real Estate Due Diligence
    Mary Ann Hallenborg

    This book fills a gap in the real estate literature and is perfect for use as a college textbook, a practitioner’s guide, or for industry training.

  • The Aboriginal Tent Embassy

    The Aboriginal Tent Embassy
    Gary Foley, Andrew Schaap, Edwina Howell

    More than a simple oral history, some of the key players represented here bring with them the imprimatur of the education they were to gain in the era after the Tent Embassy. This is an act of radicalisation.

  • Bulk Collection

    Bulk Collection
    Fred H. Cate, James X. Dempsey

    This book is the culmination of nearly six years of research initiated by Fred Cate and Jim Dempsey to examine national practices and laws regarding systematic government access to personal information held by private-sector companies.

  • Economics and Property

    Economics and Property
    Danny Myers

    This text focuses on the introduction of economic principles to provide an understanding of the commercial and residential property sectors and the markets for development, construction and occupation of property.

  • Aspen Student Treatise for Property

    Aspen Student Treatise for Property
    Joseph William Singer

    The book offers clear explanations of property law through textual treatment, with numerous examples, analytical discussion of key cases, and issues followed by hypotheticals.

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