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  • Iran U S Claims Tribunal Reports

    Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal Reports:
    Ruth Pogany

    The series is the only complete and fully indexed report of the decisions of this unique US-Iran Tribunal.

  • Shakespeare and the Law

    Shakespeare and the Law
    Dunbar Plunket Barton

    Barton's entertaining and handy study reviews allusions to trials, judges, advocates, courts, procedure, legal concepts and terminology in Shakespeare's plays.

  • Garner s Dictionary of Legal Usage

    Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage
    Bryan A. Garner

    Rev. ed. of: A dictionary of modern legal usage / Bryan A. Garner. 2nd ed. 1995.

  • A General Abridgment of Law and Equity Alphabetically Digested Volume 17

    A General Abridgment of Law and Equity: Alphabetically Digested …, Volume 17
    Charles Viner

  • It s the Law

    It’s the Law!
    Annette Carrel

    This facilitator's guide helps adults present young people a view of the U.S. justice system and to involve them in the idea of the legal process, understanding the rights and responsibilities of participating in their government, laws, and …

  • Commentaries on the Laws of England Volume 3

    Commentaries on the Laws of England, Volume 3
    Sir William Blackstone, William Blackstone

    These works are facsimiles of the eighteenth-century first edition and are undistorted by later interpolations. Each volume deals with a particular field of law and carries with it an introduction by a leading contemporary scholar.

  • Rethinking Natural Law

    Rethinking Natural Law
    Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

    But why did natural law become outdated? Are there any remnants of it still alive today? This book analyses a number of prejudices and myths that have created a general misconception of natural law.

  • The Legacy of John Austin s Jurisprudence

    The Legacy of John Austin’s Jurisprudence
    Michael Freeman, Patricia Mindus

    This is the first ever collected volume on John Austin, whose role in the founding of analytical jurisprudence is unquestionable. After 150 years, time has come to assess his legacy.

  • 101 Law Forms for Personal Use

    101 Law Forms for Personal Use
    Nolo Editors

    Reliable legal forms for common personal and family transactions.

  • Criminal Justice 2000

    Criminal Justice 2000
    Michael Cavadino, Iain Crow, James Dignan

    A comprehensive outline of criminal justice in the UK at the turn of the century by three of the UK's leading exponents and that contains suggestions for restorative justice approaches for the future.

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