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  • Impairment and Disability

    Impairment and Disability
    Sheila McLean, Laura Williamson

    This book explores legislation intended to protect the interests of people with disabilities or impairments.

  • Dying Justice

    Dying Justice
    Jocelyn Grant Downie

    In Dying Justice, Jocelyn Downie provides an up-to-date and comprehensive review of significant developments in the current legal status of assisted death in Canada.

  • Euthanasia Ethical and human aspects

    Euthanasia: Ethical and human aspects
    Council of Europe

    Euthanasia is highly controversial. Is it a crime or an ultimate form of care? Can one person help another to die? And what about palliative care? What criteria should govern decisions to terminate or prolong life?

  • Imparare a morire

    Imparare a morire
    Emmanuel Hirsch

    Da oltre vent'anni Emmanuel Hirsch accompagna i malati terminali e i loro familiari lungo il percorso che porta alla fine della vita.

  • Euthanasia

    Jennifer Fecio McDougall, Martha Gorman

    This timely work is a balanced overview of end-of-life issues related to euthanasia and assisted suicide. * Includes the full text of documents such as the Hippocratic Oath and position statements from several religions * A detailed …

  • The Euthanasia Assisted Suicide Debate

    The Euthanasia/Assisted-Suicide Debate
    Demetra M. Pappas

    This revealing volume explores recent historical perspectives on the modern euthanasia and assisted-suicide debate and the political arenas in which it has unfolded. * Case studies explain contemporary legal techniques in the handling of …

  • The Supreme Court in the Intimate Lives of Americans

    The Supreme Court in the Intimate Lives of Americans
    Howard Ball

    Personal rights, such as the right to procreate – or not -and the right to die generate endless debate. This book maps out the legal, political, and ethical issues swirling around personal rights.

  • Killing and Letting Die

    Killing and Letting Die
    Bonnie Steinbock, Alastair Norcross

    This collection contains twenty-one thought-provoking essays on the controversies surrounding the moral and legal distinctions between euthanasia and "letting die.

  • Intention and Causation in Medical Non Killing

    Intention and Causation in Medical Non-Killing
    Glenys Williams

    This is a quintessential read for all students studying medical and healthcare law and the legal aspects of health and medicine.

  • The Right to Die

    The Right to Die
    Gary Bauslaugh

    The shift was the result of the efforts of courageous Canadians who asked for the right to a dignified death. In this book, Gary Bauslaugh tells their stories.

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