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  • Economyths

    David Orrell

    "Economyths" explains how the economy is the result of complex and unpredictable processes; how risk models go astray; why the economy is not rational or fair; why no woman (until 2009) had ever won the Nobel Prize for economics; why …

  • U S Regulation of Hedge Funds

    U.S. Regulation of Hedge Funds
    Douglas L. Hammer

    This authoritative resource surveys federal securities laws and rules applicable to the organization, capitalization and operations of private U.S. domestic investment partnerships that invest and trade mainly in the public securities …

  • EU Securities and Financial Markets Regulation

    EU Securities and Financial Markets Regulation
    Niamh Moloney

    Previous editions published under title: EC securities regulation.

  • Daytrader

    Erik Bork, Christian Kongsted

    En aften i maj 2013 går 38-årige Flemming Kozok aggressivt ind i to amerikanske aktier.

  • Postkapitalisme

    Paul Mason

    I to hundrede år har kapitalismen blomstret takket være en unik tilpasningsevne. Hver gang kriser har truet dens eksistens, har den transformeret sig og rejst sig endnu stærkere end før. Men nu er grænsen nået, mener Paul Mason.

  • The Law and Regulation of Central Counterparties

    The Law and Regulation of Central Counterparties
    Jiabin Huang

    The book begins by describing in detail basic elements of modern post-trade infrastructure, exploring the modern functional and operational aspects of CCPs in the markets.

  • The Law of Cross border Securities Transactions

    The Law of Cross-border Securities Transactions
    H. van Houtte

    This book examines in detail the principles that determine which national law applies to different transnational securities transactions.Whenever a security needs to be admitted and registered at a foreign stock exchange, the local rules …

  • Investigation of Failure of the SEC to Uncover Bernard Madoff s Ponzi Scheme

    Investigation of Failure of the SEC to Uncover Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme
    United States. Securities and Exchange Commission. Office of Investigations, H. David Kotz

    Reports on the SEC's Office of the Inspector General investigation which found that the SEC received numerous substantive complaints since 1992 that raised significant red flags concerning Bernard Madoff's hedge fund operations and should …

  • Security

    Cecilia Bailliet

    Drawing on scholars and practitioners from law and philosophy, this book offers new insights on Security as a term of art subject to normative evolution and gaps.

  • Yale Law Journal Volume 125 Number 5 March 2016

    Yale Law Journal: Volume 125, Number 5 – March 2016
    Yale Law Journal

    Newman," by Richard A. Epstein The student contributions are: Note, "Will Putting Cameras on Police Reduce Polarization?," by Roseanna Sommers Note, "Federal Questions and the Domestic-Relations Exception," by Bradley G. Silverman Comment, …

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