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  • More Safety and Security at Sports Grounds

    More Safety and Security at Sports Grounds
    Jim Chalmers, Steve Frosdick

    Following on from Safety and Security at Sports Grounds (2005), this book is once again for professional practitioners and students of safety and security at public assembly facilities.

  • Dispute Resolution in Sport

    Dispute Resolution in Sport
    David McArdle

    An increasing number of sport disputes are being resolved by way of arbitration. This is the first book to critically examine the processes and benefits of sportspecific arbitration as compared to litigation.

  • Football Society The Law

    Football Society & The Law
    David Mcardle

    This text provides a new dimension to the exciting and rapidly expanding field of sport and the law.

  • International Sports Law An Introductory Guide

    International Sports Law: An Introductory Guide
    Ian S. Blackshaw

    This book, written by an expert in the field, covers some of the following issues, namely high-profile WADA cases such as that of Maria Sharapova, the Bosman ruling, decisions by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), and footballers’ …

  • Getting in the Game

    Getting in the Game
    Deborah L. Brake

    A unique contribution to the literature on Title IX, Getting in the Game fully explores the theory, policy choices, successes, and limitations of this historic law.

  • Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

    Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
    Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts

    The Committee will carry out a post-mortem in September. There is also dissatisfaction with how the DCMS has engaged with the Committee.

  • Female Gladiators

    Female Gladiators
    Sarah K. Fields

    Female Gladiators examines the legal and social history of the right of women to participate with men in contact sports.

  • Fair Ways

    Fair Ways
    Robert J. Robertson

    Robertson chronicles the stories of the golfers, their lawyers, and the conservative judge just appointed by President Eisenhower, providing a vivid picture of racial segregation and the forces that brought about its end.

  • Sport Law

    Sport Law
    Linda Sharp

    This book provides knowledge of the law that helps create a competitive advantage and build a more efficient and successful operation that better serves the needs of its constituents. Special Features of the Book Managerial context tables.

  • Wet Duiding Sport

    Wet & Duiding Sport
    Jeroen De Herdt, Johan Kerremans

    Originele multidisciplinaire aanpak Wet & Duiding Sport geeft een zo volledig mogelijk overzicht van de wettelijke bepalingen in de diverse rechtsdomeinen waarmee men in het kader van de sport rekening dient te houden (sociaal en fiscaal …

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