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  • Trial Techniques and Trials

    Trial Techniques and Trials
    Thomas A. Mauet

    By far the most thorough and detailed of the books in the field, Trial Techniques and Trials, Tenth Edition is a comprehensive yet concise handbook that covers all aspects of the trial process and provides excellent examples illustrating …

  • Storming the Court

    Storming the Court
    Brandt Goldstein

    Describes how, in 1992, a group of Yale law students came to the aid of three hundred Haitian men, women, and children who had won asylum in the U.S. but who, having tested positive for HIV, were forced into a Guantanamo compound and …

  • The Expert Expert

    The Expert Expert
    Douglas L. Field

    In The Expert Expert, author Douglas L. Field presents detailed information to help an expert professional become an effective witness—and keep intact one’s reputation as a capable and credible expert witness.

  • Nothing But the Truth

    Nothing But the Truth
    Steven Lubet

    A novel and engaging analysis of the role of storytelling in trial advocacy

  • The Jury Rules

    The Jury Rules
    Trey Cox, James M. Stanton

    They conducted 60 in-depth individual juror interviews and filmed over 25 hours of video footage to put together ten rules that all jurors want every trial lawyer to know and use. if you are interested in improving your courtroom …

  • Moot Court Workbook

    Moot Court Workbook
    Suzianne D. Painter-Thorne, Karen J. Sneddon

    The Moot Court Workbook offers an opportunity to participate a range of lawyerly skills, such as collaborating, scheduling, and managing stress, in addition to honing the skills of legal analysis, research, persuasive writing, and oral …

  • Modern Trial Advocacy Law School Edition Fourth Edition

    Modern Trial Advocacy: Law School Edition, Fourth Edition
    Steven Lubet

    Dedicated to the law student, the book contains a "Trial Basics" chapter, which discusses what happens in a trial and the role the advocate plays. The Law School Edition has checklists that guide students in their performance.

  • Modern Litigation and Professional Responsibility Handbook

    Modern Litigation and Professional Responsibility Handbook
    William H. Fortune, Richard H. Underwood, Edward J. Imwinkelried

    Find practical answers to hard questions about professional conduct — and avoid wrong answers that could set back your firm — with this authoritative guide to legal ethics.

  • Trial and Lawyering Skills in a Nutshell

    Trial and Lawyering Skills in a Nutshell
    Kenney Hegland

    A short, funny, insightful, and occasionally philosophical guide to what you’ll need to know, planning and conducting trials, interviewing and counseling clients, negotiating cases and drafting deals, writing briefs and making oral …

  • A Student s Guide to Trial Objections

    A Student’s Guide to Trial Objections
    Charles Gibbons

    This guide is a quick reference to the various ways in which the courts have translated the text of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

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