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  • Present Imperfect

    Present Imperfect
    Andrew van der Vlies

    This work asks how a selection of South African writers have responded to the period since the end of apartheid

  • Ethnicity in Zimbabwe

    Ethnicity in Zimbabwe
    Enocent Msindo

    A comparative study of identity shifts in two large ethnic groups in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.

  • A History of Malawi 1859 1966

    A History of Malawi, 1859-1966
    John McCracken

    A distinguished scholar's magnum opus and the first full account of Malawi's colonial history.

  • Colonial Rule and Crisis in Equatorial Africa

    Colonial Rule and Crisis in Equatorial Africa
    Christopher John Gray

    A look at the encounter between the French and the peoples of Southern Gabon in terms of their differing conceptions of boundaries.

  • The Power of African Cultures

    The Power of African Cultures
    Toyin Falola

    An analysis of the ties between culture and every aspect of African life, using Africa's past to explain present situations.

  • Postcolonial African Writers

    Postcolonial African Writers
    Pushpa Naidu Parekh, Siga Fatima Jagne

    This reference book surveys the richness of postcolonial African literature.

  • Your Madness Not Mine

    Your Madness, Not Mine

    The short stories in this collection represent the yearnings and vision of an Anglophone woman, who writes both as a Cameroonian and as a woman whose life has been shaped by the minority status her people occupy within the nation-state.

  • Welcome to Our Hillbrow

    Welcome to Our Hillbrow
    Phaswane Mpe

    Infused with the rhythms of the inner-city pulsebeat, this courageous novel is compelling in its honesty and its broad vision, which links Hillbrow, rural Tiragalong, and Oxford.

  • Maghrebian Mosaic

    Maghrebian Mosaic
    Mildred P. Mortimer

    To the contrary, this volume demonstrates that the francophone writing of North Africa remains vibrant and prolific.

  • L  image de la femme africaine au travers des auteurs africains Guy Menga La marmite de Koka M  Bala et Mariama B Une si longue lettre

    L ́image de la femme africaine au travers des auteurs africains. Guy Menga “La marmite de Koka M ́Bala” et Mariama Bâ “Une si longue lettre”
    Kangnikoé Adama

    Thèse de Master de l’année 2015 dans le domaine Lettres – Afrique, note: Mention "Bien", , cours: Lettres Langues et Sciences Humaines, langue: Français, résumé: Au 19e siècle, lorsque la lutte pour l ́égalité des droits entre …

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