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  • Kwaidan

    Lafcadio Hearn

    This collection of supernatural tales includes:A musician called upon to perform for the deadMan-eating goblinsInsects who uncannily mimic human behaviorA perfect treat for fans of the strange and otherworldly.

  • Noh Drama Ten Plays

    Noh Drama – Ten Plays
    None Specified

    Combining the elements of dance, miming, music, and chants, Noh plays may be described as lyrico-dramatic tone-poems, in which the text has a function somewhat similar to that of the libretto in a Wagner or Debussy opera.

  • Ochikubo Monogatari or The Tale of the Lady Ochikubo

    Ochikubo Monogatari or The Tale of the Lady Ochikubo
    Wilfrid Whitehouse

    The author keeps close to the human story he is chronicling. It is also the first novel to attempt any kind of characterisation. As a whole, the novel is of outstanding importance in the history of Japanese literature.

  • Be and Equational Sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic

    “Be” and Equational Sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic
    Mohamed Sami Anwar

    The volume attempts to deal with equational sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and their remote structure.

  • The Plum in the Golden Vase or Chin P ing Mei Volume Four

    The Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P’ing Mei, Volume Four

    This is the fourth and penultimate volume in David Roy's celebrated translation of one of the most famous and important novels in Chinese literature.

  • The Best of Gowanus

    The Best of Gowanus
    Thomas J. Hubschman

    Short stories and essays from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

  • A Arte da Guerra

    A Arte da Guerra
    Sun Tzu

    A sua actualidade mantém-se viva e os ensinamentos de Sun Tzu continuam a influenciar as estratégias de sucesso em todos os sectores do mundo contemporâneo. "A Arte da Guerra" – um dos clássicos mais actuais de todos os tempos.

  • Judge Bao and the Rule of Law

    Judge Bao and the Rule of Law
    Wilt L. Idema

    These ballad-stories, in contrast to past plays dating from the same period, present abuse of power and corruption as endemic in the courts and bureaucratic service, and show Judge Bao imposing the rule of law even on the emperor.

  • Thousand Pieces of Gold

    Thousand Pieces of Gold
    Ruthanne Lum McCunn

    This biographical novel is the extraordinary story of one woman's fight for independence and dignity in the American West.

  • The Sing Song Girls of Shanghai

    The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai
    Bangqing Han

    Courtesans, desire & the denizens of the Shanghai underworld are just some of the elements in Han Bangqing's novel of late imperial China, published in 1892 & now available in English for the first time.

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