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  • Strange Tales from Liaozhai Vol 5

    Strange Tales from Liaozhai – Vol. 5
    Pu Songling

    Annotations are provided to clarify unfamiliar references or cultural allusions, and introductory essays have been included to explain facets of Pu Songling's work and to provide context for some of the unique qualities of his uncanny tales …

  • Tales of Foreign Settlements in Japan

    Tales of Foreign Settlements in Japan
    Harold S. Williams

    These Tales of Foreign Settlements in Japan are the product of years of painstaking and scholarly research by a writer who is a business man and a recognized authority on the history of the Foreign Concessions in Japan, a man who has …

  • Tales of Old Japan

    Tales of Old Japan
    A.B. Mitford

    The books thirty–three chapters cover practically every sector of Japanese life. Thirty–one reproductions of woodblock prints illustrate the various tales and essays.

  • Los Angeles s Little Tokyo

    Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo
    Little Tokyo Historical Society

    In 1884, a Japanese sailor named Hamanosuke Shigeta made his way to the eastern section of downtown Los Angeles and opened Little Tokyo’s first business, an American-style café.

  • Jentayu

    Jannatul Mawa, Amataya Zakariya, Faisal Tehrani, Juan Li, Tsering Woeser, Haruki Murakami, Ka-Shiang Liu, Rehman Rashid, Korn Kraylat, Kai-Cheung Dung, Gregorio C. Brillantes, Prajwal Parajuly, Song Han, Noelle Q. de Jesus

    La revue semestrielle Jentayu (ISSN 2426-2536) est dédiée à la traduction de textes courts ou d’extraits de roman. À chaque numéro, entre douze et quinze textes provenant d’une variété de pays et de régions d’Asie sont …

  • Dragon in Ambush

    Dragon in Ambush
    Jeremy Ingalls

    This work is indispensable in understanding Mao’s thinking and his relationship to the People’s Republic of China.

  • Ronin

    William Dale Jennings

    The storyteller hides nothing and speaks bluntly, yet this jewel-like tale shimmers with tantalizing riddles that will haunt the reader just as they haunted the Ronin.

  • The Sick Rose

    The Sick Rose
    Lee Hyoseok

    Typical of Lee’s later literature, this story uses the theme of sex as a means to critique what he saw as a hypocritical sense of morality in Korean society.

  • Occidentalism

    Xiaomei Chen

    To fulfill a promise made to her twin, Dr. Jaclyn LaForge opens a children's clinic in Hope, New Mexico.

  • The First Islamic Classic in Chinese

    The First Islamic Classic in Chinese
    Sachiko Murata

    This book will appeal to those curious about the manner in which Islam has flourished in China over the past thousand years, as well as those interested in dialogue among religions and the significance of religious diversity.

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