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  • On Government

    On Government

    These pioneering writings on the mechanics, tactics, and strategies of government were devised by the Roman Republic's most enlightened thinker.

  • Essays

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    We partner with leading publishers around the globe. Our goal is to have accessible editions simultaneously released with publishers' new books so that all readers can have access to the books they want to read.

  • The American Mystery

    The American Mystery
    Tony Tanner

    A collection of essays by the late Tony Tanner on a wide range of key American authors.

  • Brief Encounters A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction

    Brief Encounters: A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction
    Judith Kitchen, Dinah Lenney

    The best of short literary memoirs, essays, and reflections, many of which were written expressly for this collection.

  • Six Minutes of Terror

    Six Minutes of Terror
    Nazia Sayed, Sharmin Hakim

    Six Minutes of Terror is the first investigative book that will present a blow by blow account of the events that led to the terrorist attack, profile the people involved in the blasts as well as describe how the plot was unearthed by the …

  • It All Adds Up

    It All Adds Up
    Saul Bellow

    Bellow was America's writer, and in this superb collection of nonfiction essays he demonstated his vigilance of and loyalty to his country over a span of 45 years.

  • Il mio cuore messo a nudo

    Il mio cuore messo a nudo
    Charles Baudelaire

    Non si può dire che il moderno sia veramente nato finché Baudelaire non comincia ad annotare le stenografie del suo «cuore messo a nudo».

  • Leer la pobreza en Am rica Latina

    Leer la pobreza en América Latina
    Daniel Noemi Voionmaa

    La velocidad que busca esta escritura es la velocidad de la pobreza, la dromopenia.

  • ديوان عبد القادر الجيلاني
    الدكتور عبدالله خضر حمد

    إن الشعر الصوفي مصاحب للتصوف كعلم وصدى له، مستفيدا من الارث الشعري العربي، نابعا عن الانفعال العاطفي في التجربة الصوفية، مندمجا مع …

  • More Day to Dawn

    More Day to Dawn
    Sandra Harbert Petrulionis, Laura Dassow Walls

    This work explores a range of topics: 'Walden's' climb to fame; modes of representation in the text; the relationship between fact and truth; Thoreau and violence; and Thoreau and evolutionary theory.

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