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  • Eroticism and Death in Theatre and Performance

    Eroticism and Death in Theatre and Performance
    Karoline Gritzner

    The essays brought together in this collection offer new perspectives on the eros/death relation in a wide selection of dramatic texts, theatrical practices and cultural performances.

  • Closed Encounters

    Closed Encounters
    Jeffrey Wallen

    Rich with historical and cultural value, these works are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.

  • A Mighty Change

    A Mighty Change
    Christopher Krentz

    This volume contains original writing by deaf people from the first half of the nineteenth century, a period of transformation for deaf Americans that saw the rise of deaf education and the coalescence of the nation's deaf community.

  • New Critical Theory

    New Critical Theory
    William S. Wilkerson, Jeffrey Paris

    The volume, like the series as a whole, is designed to capture the present moment in postdisciplinary theory, as the older tradition of critical theory in the Frankfurt School sense comes together with postmodernism and the new critical …

  • A Word in Due Season

    A Word in Due Season
    Joyce Marie Dixon

    Dr. Joyce Marie Dixon is the pastor of Agape Love Deliverance Church, president and founder of Agape Love Bible College, and ALBC School of Theology. Dr. Dixon began her work in October of 1988, as pastor and president.

  • New Directions in Law and Literature

    New Directions in Law and Literature
    Elizabeth S. Anker, Bernadette Meyler

    This collection of essays, featuring twenty-two prominent scholars from literature departments as well as law schools, showcases the vibrancy of recent work in the field while highlighting its many new directions.

  • Cancro 2013

    Cancro 2013
    Marco Pesatori

    Marco Pesatori propone visioni sul nuovo anno e, con stile pungente e raffinato, delinea possibilità e fantasie da trasformare in realtà, a ritmo di musica, e condite dai perfetti consigli di lettura per ogni cancro.Tratto da 2013.

  • Waugh in Abyssinia

    Waugh in Abyssinia
    Evelyn Waugh

    In 1935 Italy declared war on Abyssinia and Evelyn Waugh was sent to Addis Ababa to cover the conflict.

  • CERVANTES ¬ Tienes correo

    CERVANTES ¬°Tienes correo!
    Dino Otero

    El uso del correo electrónico me ha permitido conectarme con varios autores de libros, de diversas partes del mundo.

  • Selected Essays

    Selected Essays
    David Hume

    These essays represent not only those areas where Hume's arguments are revealingly typical of his day, but also where he is strikingly innovative in a period already famous for its great thinkers.

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