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  • On Lying in Bed and Other Essays by G K Chesterton

    On Lying in Bed and Other Essays by G.K. Chesterton
    Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Alberto Manguel

    Many of these essays are made available here for the first time since they were printed almost a century ago.

  • Imagined Worlds

    Imagined Worlds
    Freeman J. Dyson

    A thought-provoking, speculative look at the world's cultural future addresses the issue of whether or not human society will progress ethically as it progressed technologically. Reprint. UP.

  • 心眼的景致

    本書收錄了蘇清強近年來140篇小品文作品,分為「匆匆的景致」和「柔柔的觸動」兩個部分。內容取材廣泛有 …

  • Brief Encounters A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction

    Brief Encounters: A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction
    Judith Kitchen, Dinah Lenney

    The best of short literary memoirs, essays, and reflections, many of which were written expressly for this collection.

  • Six Minutes of Terror

    Six Minutes of Terror
    Nazia Sayed, Sharmin Hakim

    Six Minutes of Terror is the first investigative book that will present a blow by blow account of the events that led to the terrorist attack, profile the people involved in the blasts as well as describe how the plot was unearthed by the …

  • Las venas abiertas de Am rica Latina

    Las venas abiertas de América Latina
    Eduardo H. Galeano

    Imaginemos la escena: acomodado en su asiento del Air Force One rumbo a Washington, Obama toma el libro que le obsequió Chávez y, más por aburrimiento que por curiosidad, lo hojea al desgaire, lee un par de párrafos y, como le ha …

  • It All Adds Up

    It All Adds Up
    Saul Bellow

    Bellow was America's writer, and in this superb collection of nonfiction essays he demonstated his vigilance of and loyalty to his country over a span of 45 years.

  • Alguien tiene que llevar la contraria

    Alguien tiene que llevar la contraria
    Alejandro Gaviria

    Los 12 ensayos que conforman este libro son fruto de las reflexiones y las inquietudes de Alejandro Gaviria sobre ciertos temas que lo apasionan.

  • Law s Stories

    Law’s Stories
    Peter Brooks, Paul Gewirtz

    This notable volume–inspired by a symposium held at Yale Law School–brings together an exceptional group of well-known figures in law and literary studies to take a probing look at how and why stories are told in the law and how they are …

  • Leer la pobreza en Am rica Latina

    Leer la pobreza en América Latina
    Daniel Noemi Voionmaa

    La velocidad que busca esta escritura es la velocidad de la pobreza, la dromopenia.

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