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  • The Mystery of Everett Ruess

    The Mystery of Everett Ruess
    W. L. Rusho

    The story of Everett Ruess, who disappeared in the wilderness of Southern Utah in 1934, has for decades been one of the most intriguing mysteries of western lore.

  • The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant

    The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant
    Imelda Cummins DeMelkon

    Ultimately, The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant shows us that through a deep commitment to personal growth, one can indeed emerge whole and able to enjoy a full and complete life.Among the highly interesting topics the book explores are …

  • Le journal intime d un homme de Chambre

    Le journal intime d’un homme de Chambre
    Sébastian Pirlot

    – Philippe Lorain, Vivacité RTBF À PROPOS DE L'AUTEUR Licencié en Journalisme et Communication et titulaire d’un Diplôme en Etudes Spécialisées en politique européenne, Sébastian Pirlot est Député-Maire depuis près de 15 ans.

  • The South American Diaries

    The South American Diaries
    John Hopkins

    While writing a novel set in South America, John Hopkins travelled back there to "reacquaint himself with the scene".

  • October Coup

    October Coup
    Mohammed Hyder

    For Mohammed Hyder of the Hyderabad Civil Service, the newly-appointed Collector of Osmanabad District (situated on the Hyderabad-Bombay border), both, the wayward State Congress and the ramshackle Razakar outfit are a threat to law and …

  • Richard Aldington

    Richard Aldington
    Norman T. Gates

    In the most comprehensive selection of his letters ever published, Norman Gates allows Richard Aldington to tell the story of his life in his own words.

  • Albert Camus

    Albert Camus
    Olivier Todd

    Filled with sharp observations and sparkling with telling details, here is a wonderfully human portrait of the Nobel Prize-winning writer, who died at the age of forty-six and who remains one of the most influential literary figures of our …

  • The Mountaintop

    The Mountaintop
    Ty Bledsoe

    Though this story could be overshadowed by such complex societal woes, Mr. Bledsoe presents a long-awaited future, where diversity and inclusion are America's destiny, economic equity among its citizenry is achieved, and communities thrive …

  • American Travelers on the Nile

    American Travelers on the Nile
    Andrew Oliver

    Beginning with two eighteenth-century travelers, this book then turns to the 25-year period after 1815 that saw young men from East Coast cities, among them graduates of Harvard, Yale, and Columbia, traveling to the lands of the Bible and …

  • I Must Resist

    I Must Resist
    Bayard Rustin

    He changed America — and the world — for the better. This collection of his letters makes his life and his passions come vividly alive, and helps restore him to history, a century after this birth.

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