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  • Les litt ratures africaines de langue francaise  l  poque de la postmodernit

    Les littératures africaines de langue francaise à l’époque de la postmodernité
    Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink, Katharina Städtler

    Les concepts de postmodernité et de postcolonialisme revêtent en Afrique des significations radicalement différentes de celles qu'ils ont reçues en Occident.

  • Literature of Africa

    Literature of Africa
    G. D. Killam

    Looks at the work of ten African authors, including Chinua Achebe, Miriama Ba, Nadine Gordimer, and Alan Paton.

  • Body Sexuality and Gender

    Body, Sexuality, and Gender
    Flora Veit-Wild, Dirk Naguschewski

    The reflections on body, sexuality, and gender in African literary texts brought together in this volume do not consider these three terms as separate entities but instead as closely related to each other, each term questioning the other: …

  • The Best of Gowanus

    The Best of Gowanus
    Thomas J. Hubschman

    Short stories and essays from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

  • Of Irony and Empire

    Of Irony and Empire
    Laura Rice

    Examines the transformative power of irony in the creation of Muslim Africa.

  • Maryse Cond et Ahmadou Kourouma

    Maryse Condé et Ahmadou Kourouma
    Jean Ouédraogo

    Ce livre explore sans ambages ces thèmes qui nourrissent En attendant le bonheur, Une Saison à Rihata, Ségou de Maryse Condé et Les Soleils des indépendances, Le diseur de vérité, Monnè, outrages et défis et En attendant le vote …

  • Dark Language

    Dark Language
    Loren L. Qualls

    In Dark Language, Loren Qualls discusses how the post-rebellion genre of fiction takes a critical examination of African Americans after the Civil Rights Movement, when African Americans crossed the color barrier into every aspect of …

  • Perspectives by Incongruity

    Perspectives by Incongruity
    Benj DeMott

    Diversity and “perspective by incongruity” dene the approach to changing times in this fourth volume of the First of the Year series. Insights come from interesting minds in unobvious juxtapositions.

  • Postcolonial Francophone Autobiographies

    Postcolonial Francophone Autobiographies
    Edgard Sankara

    Sankara not only compares the ways in which a wide selection of autobiographies were received locally (as well as in France) but also juxtaposes reception by the colonized and the colonizer to show how different meanings were assigned to …

  • The Author and His Doubles

    The Author and His Doubles
    Abdelfattah Kilito

    In this exceptional volume, Abedlfattah Kilito argues that genre — not authorship — is at the heart of classic Arabic literature.

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