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  • Dissociation and Wholeness in Patrick White s Fiction

    Dissociation and Wholeness in Patrick White’s Fiction
    Laurence Steven

  • Kafkaâ s Cognitive Realism

    Kafka’s Cognitive Realism
    Emily Troscianko

    This book uses insights from the cognitive sciences to illuminate Kafka’s poetics, exemplifying a paradigm for literary studies in which cognitive-scientific insights are brought to bear directly on literary texts.

  • The Other Hybrid Archipelago

    The Other Hybrid Archipelago
    Peter Hawkins

    The Other Hybrid Archipelago presents the postcolonial literatures of the Francophone Indian Ocean islands to an Anglophone audience.

  • Fear and Temptation

    Fear and Temptation
    Terry Goldie

    After comparing the works of Canadian author Rudy Wiebe and Australian author Patrick White, Goldie concludes by linking the results of his literary analysis to wider cultural concerns, particularly land rights.

  • Women of the Kakawin World

    Women of the Kakawin World
    Helen Creese

    This book draws on the epic kakawin poetry tradition to examine the institutions of courtship and marriage in the Indic courts.

  • Writing Never Arrives Naked

    Writing Never Arrives Naked
    Penny van Toorn, Penelope Van Toorn

    This book deals with real stories of how Indigenous Australians used writing and reading to negotiate a changing world, to challenge their oppressors, to preserve country and kin.

  • Reading by Numbers

    Reading by Numbers
    Katherine Bode

    The case studies in this book offer insight into a wide range of features of the literary field, including trends and cycles in the gender of novelists, the formation of fictional genres and literary canons, and the relationship of …

  • Australian Patriography

    Australian Patriography
    Stephen Mansfield

    Providing compelling readings of Raimond Gaita’s ‘Romulus, My Father’, Peter Rose’s ‘Rose Boys’ and many others, this is the first study of its kind within Australian literature.

  • Patrick White Beyond the Grave

    Patrick White Beyond the Grave
    Ian Henderson, Anouk Lang

    Thought-provoking, this collection of original essays represents the work of an outstanding list of White scholars from around the globe, and will no doubt inspire further work on White from a rising generation of scholars of twentieth …

  • Australian Voices

    Australian Voices
    Ray Willbanks

    In Australian Voices, Ray Willbanks goes beyond the books to their authors, using sixteen interviews to reveal the state of fiction writing in Australia—what nags from the past, what engages the imagination for the future.

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