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  • Women Celebrity and Literary Culture between the Wars

    Women, Celebrity, and Literary Culture between the Wars
    Faye Hammill

    Women, Celebrity, and Literary Culture between the Wars profiles seven American, Canadian, and British women writers—Dorothy Parker, Anita Loos, Mae West, L. M. Montgomery, Margaret Kennedy, Stella Gibbons, and E. M. Delafield—who …

  • Gotcha Good

    Gotcha Good!
    Kathleen A. Baxter, Marcia Agness Kochel

    Presents well-reviewed nonfiction titles for third through eighth grade readers, and includes book descriptions, book talks guide, and interviews with authors.

  • Graphic Novels

    Graphic Novels
    D. Aviva Rothschild

    Designed for individuals who need information about graphic novels and for those interested in acquiring them, this book will especially appeal to librarians, booksellers, bookstore owners, educators working with teen and reluctant readers, …

  • Promised Land

    Promised Land
    Jay Parini

    Moving nimbly between the great watersheds in American letters—including Walden, Huckleberry Finn, The Souls of Black Folk, and On the Road—Parini demonstrates how these books entered American life and altered how we think and act in …

  • Book Matters

    Book Matters
    Alan Sica

    Book Matters is not a nostalgic cry for lost ideas, but instead a stark reminder of just how aware and analytically illuminating certain scholars were prior to the Internet, and how endangered the book is in this era of pixelated …

  • Leitura do texto leitura do mundo

    Leitura do texto, leitura do mundo
    Domicio Proença Filho

    Como motivação para uma perspectiva mais abrangente. Assim situado, objetiva, basicamente, evidenciar a vinculação entre leitura do texto e conhecimento do mundo, considerada a dinâmica do processo cultural em que se inserem.

  • The Life of Images

    The Life of Images
    Charles Simic

    Culled from five collections, these works demonstrate the qualities that make Simic's poetry so original yet accessible.

  • Books for Living

    Books for Living
    Will Schwalbe

    These books span centuries and genres (from classic works of adult and children's literature to contemporary thrillers and even a cookbook), and each one relates to the questions and concerns we all share.

  • The Metaphysics of Text

    The Metaphysics of Text
    Sukanta Chaudhuri

    This book develops a stimulating new way of looking at texts, with case studies from Western and Indian literature.

  • The Practice and Representation of Reading in England

    The Practice and Representation of Reading in England
    James Raven, Helen Small, Naomi Tadmor

    An introductory essay offers an important critical assessment of the various contributions to the development of the subject in recent times. This book constitutes a major addition to our understanding of the history of readers and reading.

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