Books in category Literary Criticism – Caribbean & Latin American

  • Jamaica Kincaid

    Jamaica Kincaid
    J. Brooks Bouson

    Offers a new perspective on the psychological and affective dynamics of Jamaica Kincaid’s fiction and nonfiction.

  • Educating the Educators

    Educating the Educators
    Malcolm Kevin Read

    At the ideological level, these shifts correspond to the transformation of the traditional intellectual into a state functionary and, ultimately, into a technician or "expert," totally subsumed under capital and charged with the management …

  • Borges la iron a metaf sica

    Borges: la ironía metafísica
    Fernando Savater

    Esta edición incorpora además el primer texto que Fernando Savater escribió sobre Borges.

  • Gregory Rabassa s Latin American Literature

    Gregory Rabassa’s Latin American Literature
    María Constanza Guzmán

    This book is a critical study of the work of Gregory Rabassa, translator of such canonical novels as Gabriel Garcìa Márquez's Cien años de soledad, José Lezama Lima's Paradiso, and Julio Cortàzar's Rayuela.

  • Jorge Luis Borges

    Jorge Luis Borges
    Tim McNeese

    He read and wrote with the greatest of passions. And Jorge Luis Borges, the greatest of Argentine writers, created, through a 60-year-long career, one of the significant and enduring literary legacies of any writer of the 20th century.

  • The essential Neruda

    The essential Neruda
    Pablo Neruda, Mark Eisner

    New translations of Neruda's most important poems, gathered to celebrate the centennial of his birth.

  • La Malinche in Mexican Literature

    La Malinche in Mexican Literature
    Sandra Messinger Cypess

    This is the first serious study tracing La Malinche in texts from the conquest period to the present day.

  • The Burden of Modernity

    The Burden of Modernity
    Carlos J. Alonso

    This book offers a provocative interpretation of cultural discourse in Spanish America.

  • Invisible Work

    Invisible Work
    Efraín Kristal

    " In an age where many discussions of translation revolve around the dichotomy faithful/unfaithful, this book will surprise and delight even Borges's closest readers and critics.

  • La flor de lis

    La “flor de lis”
    Elena Poniatowska

    Mariana er en lille fransk hertuginde, som under 2. verdenskrig må forlade sin trygge tilværelse og flygte sammen med andre familiemedlemmer til Mexico. Da faderen slutter sig til dem efter krigen, er det ikke udelukkende idyl

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