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  • Invaders from the North

    Invaders from the North
    John Bell

    A history of comics and comic art in Canada includes two thirty-page discussions of the lives and works of Johnny Canuck and Chester Brown.

  • Batman Unauthorized

    Batman Unauthorized
    Dennis O’Neil

    Presents a collection of essays that explore the character of Batman in comic books, film, and television.

  • Drawing from Life

    Drawing from Life
    Jane Tolmie

    Who was in the room and where? What was worn? Who spoke first? What images dominated the encounter? Did anybody smile? Man or mouse?

  • Viva la historieta

    Viva la historieta
    Bruce Campbell

    The focus of the book is on graphic narratives produced by and for Mexicans in the period following the 1994 implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an economic accord that institutionalized the free-market vision …

  • Superman Is Jewish

    Superman Is Jewish?
    Harry Brod

    "Harry Brod situates superheroes within the course of Jewish-American history: they are aliens in a foreign land, like Superman; figures plagued by guilt for abandoning their families, like Spider-Man; and outsiders persecuted for being …

  • Retcon Game

    Retcon Game
    Andrew J. Friedenthal

    In the first book to focus on this subject, Friedenthal regards the editable Internet hyperlink, rather than the stable printed footnote, as the de facto source of information in America today.

  • Lalo Alcaraz

    Lalo Alcaraz
    Hector D. Fernandez-L’Hoeste

    Amid the controversy surrounding immigration and border control, the work of California cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz (b. 1964) has delivered a resolute Latino viewpoint.

  • Comic Book Nerd

    Comic Book Nerd
    Pete Von Sholly

    If you like comics fan mags, boy, are you gonna hate this! It’s COMIC BOOK NERD, Pete Von Sholly’s side-splitting parody of the fan press, including our own mags!

  • True Brit

    True Brit
    George Khoury

    This is the definitive book on British comics artists, where the creators describe how their art has evolved and how it has affected and changed the industry.

  • The Negima Reader

    The Negima Reader
    Takeshi Abe, Adam Beltz

    Using a question-and-answer format, presents information about the anime series featuring a ten-year-old with a diploma in magic who teaches English at an all-girl Japanese high school.

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