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  • Theatre Court and City 1595 1610

    Theatre, Court and City, 1595-1610
    Janette Dillon

    Explores the vital relationship between city and court in the drama of Shakespeare's time.

  • Trevor Griffiths

    Trevor Griffiths
    Stanton B. Garner

    Assesses the contributions of one of the leading figures of post-1968 British political theater

  • The Theatre and Films of Martin McDonagh

    The Theatre and Films of Martin McDonagh
    Patrick Lonergan

    Martin McDonagh is one of the world's most popular dramatists. This is a highly readable and illuminating analysis of his career to date that will appeal to the legions of fans of his stage plays and the films Six Shooter and In Bruges.

  • Shakespeare s Clown

    Shakespeare’s Clown
    David Wiles

    Focusing on the clown Will Kemp, this book shows how Shakespeare and other dramatists wrote specific roles as vehicles for him.

  • The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare

    The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare
    Margreta de Grazia

    A comprehensive, readable and authoritative introduction to the study of Shakespeare.

  • Twelve Angry Men

    Twelve Angry Men
    Reginald Rose

    The Methuen Drama Student Edition of Twelve Angry Men is the first critical edition of Reginald Rose's play, providing the play text alongside commentary and notes geared towards student readers.

  • Chicano Drama

    Chicano Drama
    Jorge Huerta

    An accessible introduction for students and theatregoers of Chicano theatre, first published in 2000.

  • Das Geheimnis der OberflĂ che

    Das Geheimnis der Oberfläche
    Bernd Graff

  • HighTide Plays 1

    HighTide Plays: 1
    Beth Steel, Harry Melling, Dan LeFranc, Anders Lustgarten

    This anniversary volume brings together four of the key plays that have come out of HighTide Theatre Festival's programme during this time: Ditch by Beth Steel is a clear-eyed look at how we might behave when the conveniences of our …

  • Death and Drama in Renaissance England

    Death and Drama in Renaissance England
    William E. Engel

    This is followed by a survey of the end to which foreign language phrase-books crafted highly mannered vignettes of daily life, and a discussion of theways in which metaphors of the stage were translated into a body of work which portrayed …

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