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  • Benjamin s Library

    Benjamin’s Library
    Jane O. Newman

    In Benjamin's Library, Jane O. Newman offers, for the first time in any language, a reading of Walter Benjamin's notoriously opaque work, Origin of the German Tragic Drama that systematically attends to its place in discussions of the …

  • The Cambridge Companion to the Eighteenth Century Novel

    The Cambridge Companion to the Eighteenth-Century Novel
    John Richetti

    A comprehensive and innovative guide to the British novel in its formative decades.

  • Quixotism

    Christopher Britt Arredondo

    Exposes the cultural roots of Spanish fascism.

  • Theatre Court and City 1595 1610

    Theatre, Court and City, 1595-1610
    Janette Dillon

    Explores the vital relationship between city and court in the drama of Shakespeare's time.

  • Frye and the Word

    Frye and the Word
    Jeffery Donaldson, Alan Mendelson

    "Frye and the Word" draws together leading scholars in the fields of literary studies and hermeneutics, religious studies, and philosophy to construe and debate the late thought and writings of Northrop Frye in their spiritual dimension.

  • J G Ballard

    J.G. Ballard
    Andrzej Gasiorek

    A comprehensive account of the work of J.G. Ballard, one of the most important fiction writers of the past forty years. Traces the development of his career, and the significant contribution he has made to contemporary writing.

  • Modernism Labour and Selfhood in British Literature and Culture 1890 1930

    Modernism, Labour and Selfhood in British Literature and Culture, 1890-1930
    Morag Shiach

    Shiach examines the ways in which labour was experienced and represented between 1890 and 1930.

  • From the Book to the Book

    From the Book to the Book
    Edmond Jabès

    The first anthology to span the oeuvre of the late writer Edmond Jabès, including pieces previously unpublished in English.

  • Science Reading and Renaissance Literature

    Science, Reading, and Renaissance Literature
    Elizabeth Spiller

    In identifying these interconnections between literature and science, this book contributes to scholarship in literary history, history of reading and the book, science studies and the history of academic disciplines.

  • Annie Ernaux

    Annie Ernaux
    Siobhán McIlvanney

    This text provides an analysis of Annie Ernaux's individual texts.

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