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  • Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty

    Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty
    Marianne Janack

    "A discussion of issues raised by Richard Rorty's engagement with feminist philosophy. Includes essays about the relevance for feminism of pragmatism, philosophy, rhetoric, realism, and liberalism"–Provided by publisher.

  • Andromeda s Chains

    Andromeda’s Chains
    Adrienne Auslander Munich

    This study explores the passion with which Victorian male writers and artists gave meaning to the myth of Perseus and Andromeda and its medieval analogue, the legend of St George and the dragon.

  • Exquisite Rebel

    Exquisite Rebel
    Voltairine de Cleyre, Sharon Presley, Crispin Sartwell

    Brings the writings of de Cleyre out of undeserved obscurity.

  • Annie Ernaux

    Annie Ernaux
    Siobhán McIlvanney

    This text provides an analysis of Annie Ernaux's individual texts.

  • Time Is of the Essence

    Time Is of the Essence
    Patricia Murphy

    Examines the intricate relationships between time and gender in the novels of five fin-de-siecle British writers–Thomas Hardy, Olive Schreiner, H. Rider Haggard, Sarah Grand, and Mona Caird.

  • Antigone s Daughters

    Antigone’s Daughters?
    Hilary Owen, Cláudia Pazos Alonso

    I>Antigone's Daughters? provides the first detailed discussion in English of six well-known Portuguese women writers, working across a wide range of genres: Florbela Espanca (1894-1930), Irene Lisboa (1892-1958), Agustina Bessa Lu's, (1923- …

  • Feminist Interpretations of John Rawls

    Feminist Interpretations of John Rawls
    Ruth Abbey

    In Feminist Interpretations of John Rawls, Ruth Abbey collects eight essays responding to the work of John Rawls from a feminist perspective.

  • Private and Fictional Words Routledge Revivals

    Private and Fictional Words (Routledge Revivals)
    Coral Ann Howells

    First published in 1987, this is an introductory study of the most widely read Canadian women novelists of the 1970s and 1980s.

  • Simone de Beauvoir s The Second Sex

    Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex
    Ruth Evans

    Hailed by some feminists as the single most important theoretical work of this century, but ignored or reviled by others, Simone de Beauvoir's The second sex (1949) occupies an anomalous and even uneasy place in the feminist 'canon'.

  • Feminist Readings of Native American Literature

    Feminist Readings of Native American Literature
    Kathleen M. Donovan

    Focusing on the works of N. Scott Momaday, Joy Harjo, Paula Gunn Allen, and others, Donovan analyzes the texts of these well-known writers, weaving a supporting web of feminist criticism throughout.

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