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  • Women Compulsion Modernity

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity
    Jennifer L. Fleissner

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity reopens a moment when the young American woman embodied both the promise and threat of a modernizing world.

  • Miniature Monuments

    Miniature Monuments
    Helmut Puff

    The book elucidates how utterly contingent processes of crumbling and collapse (the English words for the Latin ruina) came to command such great interest in modern Europe that tremendous efforts were taken to uncover, render, and, most of …

  • Exquisite Rebel

    Exquisite Rebel
    Voltairine de Cleyre, Sharon Presley, Crispin Sartwell

    Brings the writings of de Cleyre out of undeserved obscurity.

  • Envisioning the Tale of Genji

    Envisioning the Tale of Genji
    Haruo Shirane

    Taking up such recurrent themes as cultural nostalgia, eroticism, and gender, this book is the most comprehensive history of the reception of The Tale of Genji to date, both in the country of its origin and throughout the world.

  • Coming to Terms RLE Feminist Theory

    Coming to Terms (RLE Feminist Theory)
    Elizabeth Weed

    The essays in this volume all address feminism’s relationships to theory and politics at the level of the criticism and production of knowledge.

  • A Vocabulary of Thinking

    A Vocabulary of Thinking
    Deborah M. Mix

    Her meticulously argued work maps literary affiliations that connect Stein to the work of Harryette Mullen, Daphne Marlatt, Betsy Warland, Lyn Hejinian, and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha.

  • Ellen Glasgow

    Ellen Glasgow
    Linda W. Wagner

    In her early fiction, published at the turn of the century, all attention is focused on male protagonists; the strong female characters who do appear early in these novels gradually fade into the background.

  • Where the Meanings Are Routledge Revivals

    Where the Meanings Are (Routledge Revivals)
    Catharine R. Stimpson

    First published in 1990, this collection of essays in literary criticism, feminist theory and race relations was named one of the top twenty-five books of 1988 by the Voice Literary Supplement.

  • Routledge Library Editions Jane Austen

    Routledge Library Editions: Jane Austen

    This four volume backlist collection brings together an array of criticism written about the works of Jane Austen, encompassing everything from a detailed analysis of her six published novels, through to an investigation of the heroines …

  • Working with Affect in Feminist Readings

    Working with Affect in Feminist Readings
    Marianne Liljeström, Susanna Paasonen

    Not limiting itself to descriptive accounts, the volume takes part in establishing new ways of understanding feminist methodology.

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