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  • Ambiguous Discourse

    Ambiguous Discourse
    Kathy Mezei

    Feminist narratology, however, contextualizes the cultural constructions of gender within its study of narrative strategies. Nine of these essays are original, and three have been revised for publication in this volume.

  • The Middle of Things

    The Middle of Things
    Meghan Florian

    Centering each essay in this collection on a different aspect of coming of age as a feminist woman within the ethos of the theological academy and the church, Florian interrogates the problems that arise when trying to inhabit these …

  • Women and Literary History

    Women and Literary History
    Katherine Binhammer, Jeanne Wood

    "The essays provide new research into women's literary history from the late seventeenth century to the Modernist period covering topics such as women's science and anti-slavery writing, midwifery, women and the novel, and lesbian literary …

  • Women Poets on Mentorship

    Women Poets on Mentorship
    Arielle Greenberg

    Short essays by women poets on mentoring women poets; includes poems by the subjects and authors.

  • The Other Women s Lib

    The Other Women’s Lib
    Julia C. Bullock

    The Other Women s Lib affords a cogent and incisive analysis of these texts as feminist philosophy in fictional form, arguing persuasively for the inclusion of such literary feminist discourse in the broader history of Japanese feminist …

  • Representing Women

    Representing Women
    Susan Sage Heinzelman

    Written by feminist thinkers from law and literature, discourses that each produce culturally powerful representations of women, these essays contest the boundaries that usually separate these disciplines and thereby alter the possibilities …

  • Spaces of Creation

    Spaces of Creation
    Allison Connolly

    Through discussion of these spaces, the book attests to a specifically “feminine” transculturality.

  • Anecdotal Theory

    Anecdotal Theory
    Jane Gallop

    Published during the 1990s, these essays are united through a common methodological engagement–writing that recounts a personal anecdote and then attempts to read that anecdote for the theoretical insights it affords.

  • Poetic Epistemologies

    Poetic Epistemologies
    Megan Simpson

    Through detailed readings and interviews, this book provides a valuable introduction to feminist language-poets and to some of the most compelling issues in contemporary poetry.

  • Chick Lit and Postfeminism

    Chick Lit and Postfeminism
    Stephanie Harzewski

    Stephanie Harzewski examines such best sellers as Bridget Jones’s Diary The Devil Wears Prada, and Sex and the City as urban appropriations of and departures from the narrative traditions of the novel of manners, the popular romance, and …

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