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  • AIDS and American Apocalypticism

    AIDS and American Apocalypticism
    Thomas L. Long

    Looks at how both anti-gay and AIDS activists use apocalyptic language to describe the AIDS crisis.

  • H D and Sapphic Modernism 1910 1950

    H.D. and Sapphic Modernism 1910-1950
    Diana Collecott

    A radical revision of the politics of gender and sexuality in writing of the early twentieth century.

  • Cultural Politics Queer Reading

    Cultural Politics– Queer Reading
    Alan Sinfield

    This is a challenge to the assumptions that have shaped English literature.

  • Sexing the Text

    Sexing the Text
    Todd C. Parker

    Charts the emergence of a new kind of heterosexual rhetoric in eighteenth-century British literature, providing a nuanced reinterpretation of gender and its role in the major genres of the period.

  • Romancing the Margins

    Romancing the Margins?
    Gabriele Griffin

    In this volume these concerns are analyzed in relation to contemporary lesbian texts like Sarah Schulman's Empathy as well as the classic The Well of Loneliness. 'Romancing the Margins'?

  • Reading on the Edge

    Reading on the Edge
    Cyraina E. Johnson-Roullier

    Examines the notion of exile and hybrid cultural identity in Proust, Joyce, and Baldwin, with implications for our understanding of modernism and the modernist canon.

  • Textual Practice Volume 3

    Textual Practice, Volume 3
    Alan Sinfield

    Literary theory, considers representational language for Holocaust, 'forgetting' through Gillian Rose and Kafka, social impact of economics on Mansfield Park, and trivialisation of domesticity.

  • Plot Twists and Critical Turns

    Plot Twists and Critical Turns
    Matthew D. Stroud

    Plot Twists and Critical Turns: Queer Approaches to Early Modern Spanish Theater offers readings of a variety of works of seventeenth-century Spanish theater from perspectives grounded in queer studies, and demonstrates that these plays, …

  • Damned Women

    Damned Women
    Jennifer Waelti-Walters

    Their novels vary from the extraordinarily powerful to the utterly trite; by providing the first comprehensive guide to this body of work Waelti-Walters sheds light on French literary and cultural history.

  • Andre Gide and the Second World War

    Andre Gide and the Second World War
    Jocelyn Van Tuyl

    The first complete study of Gide’s neglected wartime writings.

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