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  • Edith Wharton

    Edith Wharton
    James W. Tuttleton, Kristin O. Lauer

    Many of the reviews are reprinted from hard-to-locate contemporary newspapers and periodicals. In addition, lists of other reviews not presented here are provided.

  • Il reale e l immaginario

    Il reale e l’immaginario
    Aurelio Benevento

  • Empathy and the Novel

    Empathy and the Novel
    Suzanne Keen

    Acknowledgements. Preface. 1.

  • The Fugitive s Properties

    The Fugitive’s Properties
    Stephen M. Best

    The Fugitive's Properties uncovers a poetics of intangible, personified property emerging out of antebellum laws, circulating through key nineteenth-century works of literature, and informing cultural forms such as blackface minstrelsy and …

  • Tricksters and Estates

    Tricksters and Estates
    J. Douglas Canfield

    Tricksters and Estates is a truly comprehensive work, offering serious critical readings of many plays that have never before received close attention and fresh insights into more familiar works.

  • The Event of Postcolonial Shame

    The Event of Postcolonial Shame
    Timothy Bewes

    In this book, Timothy Bewes argues that shame is a dominant temperament in twentieth-century literature, and the key to understanding the ethics and aesthetics of the contemporary world.

  • La Mà taphore pathologique et thà rapeutique à la fin du Moyen Age

    La Métaphore pathologique et thérapeutique à la fin du Moyen Age
    Jean-Louis G. Picherit

    The pathological and therapeutic analogies in the works of N. Oresme, Ph. de Mézières, Ch. de Pizan and J. Gerson furnish insights into the diseases and treatments of the time.

  • New Essays on Walden

    New Essays on Walden
    Robert F. Sayre

    This review of Thoreau's classic contains a short biography of the author, an account of the writing of Walden, and a summary of other critical views.

  • Estudios sobre La Celestina

    Estudios sobre La Celestina
    Santiago López-Ríos

    En este libro se han reunido algunos de los trabajos más importantes que se han publicado sobre la Celestina.

  • The Cambridge Companion to Cormac McCarthy

    The Cambridge Companion to Cormac McCarthy
    Steven Frye

    This book provides a sophisticated introduction to the life and work of Cormac McCarthy appropriate for scholars, teachers and general readers.

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