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  • Food Matters

    Food Matters
    Carolyn A. Nadeau

    In the second sentence of Don Quixote, Cervantes describes the diet of the protagonist, Alonso Quijano: “A stew made of more beef than mutton, cold salad on most nights, abstinence eggs on Saturdays, lentils on Fridays, and an additional …

  • A Leg Up on the Canon Adaptations of Shakespeare s Comedies and Book 2

    A Leg Up on the Canon: Adaptations of Shakespeare’s Comedies and …, Book 2
    Jim McGahern

    McGahern presents summaries of the texts, explanations of difficult passages, extensive historical context, and glossaries of terms no longer in use.

  • Body Sexuality and Gender

    Body, Sexuality, and Gender
    Flora Veit-Wild, Dirk Naguschewski

    The reflections on body, sexuality, and gender in African literary texts brought together in this volume do not consider these three terms as separate entities but instead as closely related to each other, each term questioning the other: …

  • El pont dels jueus

    El pont dels jueus
    Martí Gironell

    Com demostren les 15 edicions venudes fins ara, El pont dels jueus és una novel·la trepidant i evocadora, que transporta al Besalú medieval i enganxa de manera irresistible de la primera pàgina.

  • Ut Granum Sinapis

    Ut Granum Sinapis
    Gilbert Tournoy, Dirk Sacré, Jozef IJsewijn

    The articles in this volume reflect the wide interest of the Jozef Ijsewijn.

  • College Level Examination Programme

    College Level Examination Programme

    This updated guide is perfect for self-study with 3 full-length practice exams, 3 free-response practice exams, detailed answers to all questions, test-taking strategies, powerhouse drills and study schedule.

  • Revisiones criticas del teatro alternativo britanico 1968 1990 Critics Revisions of British alternative theater 1968 1990

    Revisiones criticas del teatro alternativo britanico 1968-1990/ Critics Revisions of British alternative theater 1968-1990
    José Ramón Prado Pérez

    A lucid and intelligent analysis of the alternative theatre in the United Kingdom, in the last decades.

  • Writing the Rapture

    Writing the Rapture
    Crawford Gribben

    " Seeking the forces that drove the unexpected success of the Left Behind novels, Crawford Gribben traces the gradual development of the prophecy fiction genre from its eclectic roots among early twentieth-century fundamentalists.

  • Air s Appearance

    Air’s Appearance
    Jayne Elizabeth Lewis

    As it explores key episodes in the history of natural philosophy and in major literary works like Paradise Lost, “The Rape of the Lock,” Robinson Crusoe, and The Mysteries of Udolpho, this book promises to change the atmosphere of …

  • New Literary Papyri from the Michigan Collection

    New Literary Papyri from the Michigan Collection
    Cassandra Borges, C. Michael Sampson

    Three new fragments from amongst the oldest Greek papyri

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