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  • Reconnecting with John Muir

    Reconnecting with John Muir
    Terry Gifford

    Advancing for the first time the concept of "post-pastoral practice," Reconnecting with John Muir springs from Terry Gifford's understanding of the great naturalist as an exemplar of integrated, environmentally conscious knowing and writing …

  • Yet Being Someone Other

    Yet Being Someone Other
    Laurens Van Der Post

    Yet Being Someone Other is the most revealing book that Laurens van der Post wrote about his extraordinary and eventful life, and the most far-reaching; it is a distillation of the experiences that have moved him at the deepest level of the …

  • Using Poetry Across the Curriculum

    Using Poetry Across the Curriculum
    Barbara Chatton

    Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, k, p, e, i, t.

  • The Language of Evaluation

    The Language of Evaluation
    Louise Mirrer-Singer

    This study seeks to demonstrate that throughout centuries of re-creation, linguistic devices have been used to support both the production and the reproduction of the" romances.

  • Madame Bovary

    Madame Bovary
    Gustave Flaubert

    The head-master made a sign to us to sit down. Then, turning to the class-master, he said to him in a low voice – "Monsieur Roger, here is a pupil whom I recommend to your care; he'll be in the second.

  • Conan Doyle

    Conan Doyle
    Douglas Kerr

    A critical study of the writings of Arthur Conan Doyle and a cultural biography, this is a book for students of literary and cultural history, and Conan Doyle enthusiasts.

  • The World of Harlequin

    The World of Harlequin
    Allardyce Nicoll

    In this classic study of the Commedia dell 'Arte, printed in several editions and languages since its first publication in 1963, one of Allardyce Nicoll's chief concerns is to show how and why the figure of Harlequin came to predominate …

  • A Companion to Twentieth Century Poetry

    A Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry
    Neil Roberts

    This broad-ranging Companion gives readers a thorough grounding in both the background and the substance of eighteenth-century poetry in all its rich variety.

  • Creative Storytelling

    Creative Storytelling
    Jack Zipes

    Describes classroom storytelling and outlines the process for teachers to follow, and includes variations of fairy tales

  • Folk Poetry of Modern Greece

    Folk Poetry of Modern Greece
    Roderick Beaton

    A wide-ranging study of popular poetry and songs from the end of the Byzantine Empire to the present.

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