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  • Perversity of Poetry The

    Perversity of Poetry, The
    Dino Franco Felluga

    Explains why poetry gave way to the realist novel as the dominant literary form in nineteenth-century England.

  • Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Oliver Wendell Holmes
    William Dean Howells

    His social views were also strongly reflected in the novels Annie Kilburn (1888) and A Hazard of New Fortunes (1890).

  • Coleridge Romanticism and the Orient

    Coleridge, Romanticism and the Orient
    David Vallins, Kaz Oishi, Seamus Perry

    Bringing together postcolonial, philsophical, historicist and literary-critical perspectives, this groundbreaking book develops a new understanding of 'Orientalism' that recognises the importance of colonial ideologies in Romantic …

  • Popular Ghosts

    Popular Ghosts
    Esther Peeren, Maria del Pilar Blanco

    Rather than looking to a single tradition or medium, the essays in Popular Ghosts explore film, novels, photography, television, music, social practices, and political structures from different cultures to reopen the questions that surround …

  • Twisted Saga Coming Of Age Romance

    Twisted Saga Coming Of Age Romance
    Third Cousins, Danica Reid

    Jason has known Sophie since pre-school, although Sophie didn't even know who he was, until their second year of high school.

  • Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights

    Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights

    Ladyaslan paces up and down the creaking floorboards of the dark side of your mind and reveals what has been hidden in the mysterious closet in your imagination. Welcome to Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights.

  • Romantic Hospitality and the Resistance to Accommodation

    Romantic Hospitality and the Resistance to Accommodation
    Peter Melville

    Drawing on recent theories of accommodation and estrangement, Peter Melville argues that the texts of Romantic hospitality (including those of Rousseau, Kant, Coleridge, and Mary Shelley) are often troubled by the subject’s failure to …

  • French Romantic Travel Writing

    French Romantic Travel Writing
    C. W. Thompson

    This book provides a pioneering overview of the travel books produced by fourteen French Romantic writers in the first half of the nineteenth century.

  • A Philosophical Enquiry Into the Sublime and Beautiful

    A Philosophical Enquiry Into the Sublime and Beautiful
    Edmund Burke

    The Routledge Classics edition presents the authoritative text of the first critical edition of Burke’s essay ever published, including a substantial critical and historical commentary. Edmund Burke (1729–1797).

  • Wuthering Heights

    Wuthering Heights
    Melissa Fegan

    This novel, with its references to physiognomy and monomania, its interest in dreams as revelations of the unconscious mind, and its recognition of the importance of origins in character-formation, reflects important developments in the …

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