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  • Hebrew in Its West Semitic Setting A Comparative Survey of Non Parts 2 3

    Hebrew in Its West Semitic Setting: A Comparative Survey of Non …, Parts 2-3
    A. Murtonen

    This work is a comprehensive survey of non-Masoretic Hebrew dialects and traditions against the background of the related, primarily other West Semitic lanugages, but also the less close East and South Semitic and non-Semitic branches of …

  • On Aristotle s Metaphysics

    On Aristotle’s “Metaphysics”

    This book contains the first English translation of Abūl-Walīd Ibn Rushd's (Averroes') so-called Epitome of Aristotle's Metaphysics .

  • Of Irony and Empire

    Of Irony and Empire
    Laura Rice

    Examines the transformative power of irony in the creation of Muslim Africa.

  • Islamic Culture Through Jewish Eyes

    Islamic Culture Through Jewish Eyes
    Esperanza Alfonso

    By bringing the Jewish attitude towards the "other" into sharper focus, this book sets out to explore a largely overlooked and neglected question – the shifting ways in which Jewish authors constructed communal identity of Muslims and …

  • God and Juggernaut

    God and Juggernaut
    Farzin Vahdat

    By focusing almost entirely on intellectual discourse among the clergy, this text engages the major theoretical discourses of modernity in an attempt to address some of the central theoretical issues involved in modernity and Iran's …

  • West of the Jordan

    West of the Jordan
    Laila Halaby

    This is a brilliant and revelatory first novel by a woman who is both an Arab and an American, who speaks with both voices and understands both worlds.

  •      ص    ت          ت

    معجم مصطلحات الفراء في كتاب معاني القرآن
    Naftālî Qînberg

    This publication provides definitions, summaries and extensive citations of the terminology in the philological commentary on the Qur n, by al-Farr (d. 207/822).

  • A Dictionary of Post Classical Yemeni Arabic Part 2

    A Dictionary of Post-Classical Yemeni Arabic, Part 2
    Moshe Piamenta

    This is a milestone in Arabic lexicography, complementing Dozy's "Supplement aux dictionnaires arabes," and opening up a complete new area sorely missing in the field of Arabic Studies.

  • The Author and His Doubles

    The Author and His Doubles
    Abdelfattah Kilito

    In this exceptional volume, Abedlfattah Kilito argues that genre — not authorship — is at the heart of classic Arabic literature.

  • Translating Libya

    Translating Libya
    Ethan Chorin

    Chorin explains how the stories, under cover of anonymity, distorted place-names and double-meanings reveal the depth of anger and despair that precipitated and fed the Arab Spring—and serve as a reminder to those who fought heroically …

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