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  • Coleridge and the Crisis of Reason

    Coleridge and the Crisis of Reason
    R. Berkeley

    This exciting new study examines Coleridge's understanding of the Pantheism Controversy – the crisis of reason in German philosophy – revealing the context informing Coleridge's understanding of German thinkers.

  • The Most Disreputable Trade

    The Most Disreputable Trade
    Thomas F. Bonnell

    The third edition of this collection, published in 1810, brought the national project to its high water mark: it contained 129 poets, plus extensive translations from the Greek and Roman classics.

  • Cultures of Plague

    Cultures of Plague
    Cohn Jr.

    Cultures of Plague opens a new chapter in the history of medicine.

  • Tradizione e contestazione La letteratura di trasgressione nell Ancien Regime Ediz italiana e francese

    Tradizione e contestazione. La letteratura di trasgressione nell’Ancien Regime. Ediz. italiana e francese
    Giovanna Angeli

  • The Renaissance Drama of Knowledge

    The Renaissance Drama of Knowledge
    Hilary Gatti

    This book explores Bruno's influence on English figures as different as the ninth Earl of Northumberland, Thomas Harriot, Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare.

  • Ben Jonson

    Ben Jonson
    Ian Donaldson

    Ian Donaldson's new biography draws on freshly discovered writings by and about Ben Jonson, and locates his work within the social and intellectual contexts of his time.

  • Foxe s Book of Martyrs

    Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
    John Foxe

    This vast collection of unforgettable accounts of religious persecution exerted as great an influence on early modern England and New England as the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.

  • Inspiration in the Age of Enlightenment

    Inspiration in the Age of Enlightenment
    Sarah Eron

    Articulating this struggle toward modernity at its inception, this book examines modern authority at the moment of its extraordinariness, when it was still tied to the creative energies of inspiration, to the revelatory powers that marked …

  • Women and Race in Early Modern Texts

    Women and Race in Early Modern Texts
    Joyce Green MacDonald

    Seeing women as identified by their race and social standing as well as by their sex, this book will add depth and dimension to discussions of women's writing and of gender in Renaissance literature.

  • Shakespeare s Nature

    Shakespeare’s Nature
    Charlotte Scott

    By tracing this language of intervention and creation in Shakespeare's work, this book reveals a fundamental discourse in the development of early modern social, political and personal values.

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