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  • 1776 1781

    Reinhard Markner, Monika Neugebauer-Wölk, Hermann Schüttler

    Der erste Band versammelt annähernd 200 Briefe aus den ersten sechs Jahren nach der Gründung des Geheimbunds. Er lässt erkennen, von welchen internen Konflikten das stürmische Wachstum der Organisation in dieser Phase begleitet war.

  • Poetry and the Cromwellian Protectorate

    Poetry and the Cromwellian Protectorate
    Edward Holberton

    Many of these texts prove difficult to align with established ideas of the political and cultural contests of the age, because they become entangled with cultural institutions which could no longer be taken for granted, and were in many …

  • Same Sex Desire in Early Modern England 1550 1735

    Same-Sex Desire in Early Modern England, 1550–1735
    Marie H. Loughlin

    These core texts are carefully introduced and annotated, and supplemented with illuminating contextual material from other early modern disciplines such as law, medicine, and theology.

  • The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare

    The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare
    Margreta de Grazia

    A comprehensive, readable and authoritative introduction to the study of Shakespeare.

  • Faustus on Trial

    Faustus on Trial
    Frank Baron

    In historical and cultural studies, the Early Modern Age has developed a profile of its own. The book series Frühe Neuzeit (Early Modern Age) publishes editions, monographs and collected volumes advancing fundamental research in the field.

  • Being Interior

    Being Interior
    Nicholas D. Paige

    Autobiography came into being when we began to see the self differently.

  • Johnson Writing and Memory

    Johnson, Writing, and Memory
    Greg Clingham

    Greg Clingham argues that this is a notion of memory that is derived from the process of historical and creative writing, and is found to be embodied in works of literature and other cultural forms.

  • The Shakespearean Stage Space

    The Shakespearean Stage Space
    Mariko Ichikawa

    The Shakespearean Stage Space explores the original staging of plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries in Renaissance playhouses.

  • Psalm Culture and Early Modern English Literature

    Psalm Culture and Early Modern English Literature
    Hannibal Hamlin

    The book focuses on literature from major writers like Shakespeare and Milton to less prominent ones like George Gascoigne, Mary Sidney Herbert, and George Wither, but it also explores the adaptations of the Psalms in musical settings, …

  • Jonathan Swift

    Jonathan Swift
    John Stubbs

    Born in Ireland in 1667, Jonathan Swift defiantly clung to his Englishness.

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