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  • Living Myths

    Living Myths
    J.F. Bierlein

    Steeped in wisdom, brimming with insights into human nature and behavior, Living Myths is a luminous exploration of the meaning of mythology through the ages and today in each of our lives. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • 공통성과 단독성

    개인주의와 전체주의를 넘어 공통성과 단독성을 사유하다 경쟁에 내몰려 원자화된 삶을 살아가는 우리에게 공동체 감각의 회복이 중요시되고 있다. 저자는 이미 전작 『공동체의 …

  • Joyces Mistakes

    Joyces Mistakes
    Tim Conley

    Using the works of James Joyce, particularly Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, as central exploratory fields, Conley argues that an 'aesthetic of error' permeates Joyce's literary productions; readers and criticism of Joyce's texts are inevitably …

  • Literary Theory

    Literary Theory
    Julie Rivkin, Michael Ryan

    The new edition of this bestselling literary theory anthology has been thoroughly updated to include influential texts from innovative new areas, including disability studies, eco-criticism, and ethics.

  • The Event of Postcolonial Shame

    The Event of Postcolonial Shame
    Timothy Bewes

    In this book, Timothy Bewes argues that shame is a dominant temperament in twentieth-century literature, and the key to understanding the ethics and aesthetics of the contemporary world.

  • Modernism Labour and Selfhood in British Literature and Culture 1890 1930

    Modernism, Labour and Selfhood in British Literature and Culture, 1890-1930
    Morag Shiach

    Shiach examines the ways in which labour was experienced and represented between 1890 and 1930.

  • Genres and Genre Theory in Transition

    Genres and Genre Theory in Transition
    Giuliana Garzone

    This volume features representative studies focusing on the evolution of text genres in corporate and professional communication.

  • Children s Literature and Capitalism

    Children’s Literature and Capitalism
    Christopher Parkes

    This book explores the changing relationship between the child and capitalist society in the works of some of the most important writers of children's and young-adult texts in the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

  • Technology and Identity in Young Adult Fiction

    Technology and Identity in Young Adult Fiction
    V. Flanagan

    Technology and Identity in Young Adult Fiction is not a historical study or a survey of narrative plots, but takes a more conceptual approach that engages with the central ideas of posthumanism: the fragmented nature of posthuman identity, …

  • Modernism A Very Short Introduction

    Modernism: A Very Short Introduction
    Christopher Butler

    A compact introduction to modernism–why it began, what it is, and how it hasshaped virtually all aspects of 20th and 21st century life

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