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  • Shakespeare

    Laura Di Michele

  • Shakespeare s Last Plays

    Shakespeare’s Last Plays
    Dr. Stephen W. Smith, Travis Curtright

    The essays reveal how Shakespeare's thought in these final works compliments, challenges, fulfills, or transforms previously held conceptions of the playwright and his political-philosophical views.

  • Victorian Appropriations of Shakespeare

    Victorian Appropriations of Shakespeare
    Robert Sawyer

    This book explores the creation of imperial identities in Britain and several of its colonies- South Africa, India, Australia, Wales- and the ways in which the Victorian press around the world shaped and reflected these identities.

  • Shakespeare and the Law

    Shakespeare and the Law
    Dunbar Plunket Barton

    Barton's entertaining and handy study reviews allusions to trials, judges, advocates, courts, procedure, legal concepts and terminology in Shakespeare's plays.

  • Shakespeare s Secret Booke

    Shakespeare’s Secret Booke
    David Ovason

    As David Ovason reveals, many leading esoteric writers – alchemists, occultists and Rosicrucians -contributed to this 'Secret booke'.

  • The Arden Shakespeare Book Of Quotations On Life

    The Arden Shakespeare Book Of Quotations On Life
    Jane Armstrong

    Packed with Shakespeare's most acute insights into what it means to be human, both in our inmost selves and in relation to the world around us, this book offers everything from the brief and telling phrase to some of Shakespeare's finest …

  • Romeo and Juliet Manual ENHANCED eBook

    Romeo and Juliet Manual (ENHANCED eBook)
    William Shakespeare

    This manual offers a wealth of instructional tools, including background information on Shakespeare's sources, his life, his theater, and stage directions; suggestions for teaching the play; detailed summaries of every scene; questions and …

  • Shakespeare Survey Volume 5

    Shakespeare Survey, Volume 5
    Allardyce Nicoll

    The first fifty volumes of this yearbook of Shakespeare studies are being reissued in paperback.

  • Coriolanus

    Robert Ormsby

    This volume will be of interest to a wide range of readers, including specialists, graduate students and undergraduates studying both Coriolanus and the history of Shakespearean performance.

  • Emerson Melville James Berryman Great Shakespeareans Volume 8

    Emerson, Melville, James, Berryman: Great Shakespeareans:, Volume 8
    Peter Rawlings

    A comprehensive analysis of the most important Shakespearean critics, editors, actors and directors. This volume focuses on Shakespeare's reception by major American writers and poets.

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