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  • A Sackful of Quarters

    A Sackful of Quarters
    L.M. Favier

    January: FRESH SLATE, USED CHALK This story recounts the liberation of the abused wife of a prominent doctor, and how she leaves him only to discover that she is immediately drawn to an individual who, although outwardly the complete …

  • Imitations of Life

    Imitations of Life
    Abe C. Ravitz

    Abe C. Ravitz parallels Hurst’s growing acclaim with the evolution of silent films, from which she borrowed ideas and techniques that furthered her career.

  • New Zealand Through the Eyes of American Women 1830 1915

    New Zealand Through the Eyes of American Women, 1830-1915
    Robyn Handel

    New Zealand appeared relatively late on the general tourist map of the 19th century.

  • Performing Pedagogy in Early Modern England

    Performing Pedagogy in Early Modern England
    Kathryn M. Moncrief, Kathryn Read McPherson

    The essays in this collection question the extent to which education in early modern England, an activity pursued in the home, classroom, and the church led to, mirrored and was perhaps transformed by moments of instruction on stage.

  • Eleanor Davies Writings 1641 1646

    Eleanor Davies, Writings 1641-1646
    Lady Eleanor Douglas

    A complement to Teresa Feroli's facsimile edition of Eleanor Davies' pre-1640 texts (Ashgate, 2000), this pair of volumes reproduces 60 texts from the corpus of 66 printed between 1641 and 1652.

  • A Known Scribbler

    A Known Scribbler
    Frances Burney

    In addition to Burney's letters and journal entries, this Broadview edition includes: selections from Burney's Brief Reflections relative to the Emigrant French Clergy (1793) and Memoirs of Doctor Burney (1832); letters by family and …

  • Risen Sons

    Risen Sons
    John F. Desmond

    Though stressing that Flannery O'Connor was first and foremost a writer of fiction, John Desmond maintains in Risen Sons that her orthodox Catholic theology stands at the center of her vision, providing the metaphysical base from which the …

  • Selected Writings of an Eighteenth Century Venetian Woman of Letters

    Selected Writings of an Eighteenth-Century Venetian Woman of Letters
    Elisabetta Caminer Turra, Catherine M. Sama

    This volume brings together Caminer's letters, poems and journalistic writings, providing an intellectual biography of this remarkable woman, as well as a glimpse into her intimate correspondence.

  • Kindred Hands

    Kindred Hands
    Jennifer Cognard-Black, Elizabeth MacLeod Walls

    Moreover, because it represents previously unpublished primary sources, the collection will initiate new discussions on race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, and gender with an eye to writing at the turn of the twentieth century.

  • Ellen Glasgow

    Ellen Glasgow
    Dorothy M. Scura

    This book reprints contemporaneous reviews of Ellen Glasgow's books as they were published between 1897 and 1943.

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