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  • Women Compulsion Modernity

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity
    Jennifer L. Fleissner

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity reopens a moment when the young American woman embodied both the promise and threat of a modernizing world.

  • Miniature Monuments

    Miniature Monuments
    Helmut Puff

    The book elucidates how utterly contingent processes of crumbling and collapse (the English words for the Latin ruina) came to command such great interest in modern Europe that tremendous efforts were taken to uncover, render, and, most of …

  • The Book of Peace

    The Book of Peace
    Karen Green, Constant J. Mews, Janice Pinder

    This volume, edited by Karen Green, Constant J. Mews, and Janice Pinder, boasts the first full English translation of Pizan’s work along with the original French text.

  • Jane Austen and the Morality of Conversation

    Jane Austen and the Morality of Conversation
    Bharat Tandon

    An ingeniously innovative analysis of Jane Austen's work, a highly respected and engaging critical study.

  • Voice in the Wilderness

    Voice in the Wilderness
    Michael Austin

    With her distinctive, impassioned voice and familiar felicity of language, Terry Tempest Williams talks about wilderness and wildlife, place and eroticism, art and literature, democracy and politics, family and heritage, Mormonism and …

  • Christina Stead

    Christina Stead
    Diana Brydon

    This feminist reading of the life and work of Christina Stead focuses on her characters and themes that question established assumptions about gender and class relations and the aesthetic values they support.

  • A Vocabulary of Thinking

    A Vocabulary of Thinking
    Deborah M. Mix

    Her meticulously argued work maps literary affiliations that connect Stein to the work of Harryette Mullen, Daphne Marlatt, Betsy Warland, Lyn Hejinian, and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha.

  • Women s Work

    Women’s Work
    Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp, Kathryn Lofton

    This book surveys the creative ways in which African-American women harnessed the power of print to share their historical revisions with a broader public. Their speeches, textbooks, poems, and polemics did more than just recount the past.

  • Early Voices

    Early Voices
    Mary Alice Downie

    This selection of writings by 29 women, known and unknown, professional and amateur, presents a unique portrait of Canada through time and space, from the 17th to the early 20th century, from the Maritimes to British Columbia and the Far …

  • The Salon of Madame Necker Volume 1

    The Salon of Madame Necker, Volume 1
    Gabriel Paul Othenin de Cléron Comte d’Haussonville, Comte D’Haussonville, Henry M. Trollope

    Volume 1 of this biography, written by a descendant, the comte d'Haussonville, and published in English in 1882, describes Suzanne's early life, her marriage, and the establishment of her brilliant Paris salon.

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