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  • Fairies Fractious Women and the Old Faith

    Fairies, Fractious Women, and the Old Faith
    Regina Buccola

    Fairies, unruly women, and vestigial Catholicism constituted a frequently invoked triad in late sixteenth-and early seventeenth-century drama which has seldom been critically examined and therefore constitutes a significant lacuna in …

  • Reading In

    Reading In
    JoAnn McCaig

    While on one level telling the story of one author’s career — the progress of Alice Munro, so to speak — the book also illustrates how cultural studies analysis suggests ways of opening up the rich but underutilized literary resource …

  • Colonial Fantasies

    Colonial Fantasies
    Meyda Yegenoglu

    In this 1998 book, Meyda Yegenoglu investigates the intersection between post-colonial and feminist criticism, focusing on the Western fascination with the veiled women of the Orient.

  • The Inside Light

    “The Inside Light”
    Deborah G. Plant

    The book also focuses on aspects of Hurston's life and work that remain controversial, including her stance on desegregation, her relationships with Charlotte Mason, Langston Hughes, and Richard Wright, and the veracity of her autobiography …

  • Literary Trauma

    Literary Trauma
    Deborah M. Horvitz

    Examines representations of political, psychological, and sexual violence in seven novels by American women.

  • Jamaica Kincaid

    Jamaica Kincaid
    J. Brooks Bouson

    Offers a new perspective on the psychological and affective dynamics of Jamaica Kincaid’s fiction and nonfiction.

  • Women S Tanci Fiction in Late Imperial and Early Twentieth Century China

    Women S Tanci Fiction in Late Imperial and Early Twentieth-Century China
    Li Guo

    "This work will be a significant contribution to scholarship. Chinese women's tanci novels in late imperial Qing and early twentieth-century China are numerous in collections; however, their scholarly studies are still insufficient.

  • Travel Writing

    Travel Writing
    Carl Thompson

    In this volume, Carl Thompson: introduces the genre, outlining competing definitions and key debates provides a broad historical survey from the medieval period to the present day explores the autobiographical dimensions of the form looks …

  • Rereading Modernism

    Rereading Modernism
    Lisa Rado

    As the authors in this volume suggest, instead of condemning writers for not practicing or portraying an acceptable politics of gender, we ought instead to show how their assumptions about the nature of the sexes inform their texts, both in …

  • Women and Narrative Identity

    Women and Narrative Identity
    Mary J. Green

    A feminist re-reading of the Quebec literary tradition, from Laure Conan and Gabrielle Roy to contemporary figures such as France Théoret and Régine Robin.

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