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  • Functional Decomposition with Applications to FPGA Synthesis

    Functional Decomposition with Applications to FPGA Synthesis
    Christoph Scholl

    The book presents, in a consistent manner, a comprehensive presentation of a multitude of results stemming from the author's as well as various researchers' work in the field.

  • The Search for Mathematical Roots 1870 1940

    The Search for Mathematical Roots, 1870-1940
    I. Grattan-Guinness

    There is a large body of historical literature that is in need of just the kind of synthesis and masterly overview that this work provides.

  • Thurston s Work on Surfaces MN 48

    Thurston’s Work on Surfaces (MN-48)
    Albert Fathi, François Laudenbach, Valentin Poénaru

    This book provides a detailed exposition of William Thurston's work on surface homeomorphisms, available here for the first time in English.

  • Datenanalyse mit Modellen f r Cluster linearer Regression

    Datenanalyse mit Modellen für Cluster linearer Regression
    Christian Hennig

    Inhaltsangabe:Einleitung: In dieser Arbeit geht es um die Analyse von Daten, in denen Cluster linearer Regression erwartet werden können.

  • Essential Results of Functional Analysis

    Essential Results of Functional Analysis
    Robert J. Zimmer

    Includes a Bibliographical reference.This book, based on a first-year graduate course taught by Robert J. Zimmer at the University of Chicago, is a complete, concise presentation of fundamental ideas and theorems of functional analysis.

  • High Performance Visualization

    High Performance Visualization
    E. Wes Bethel, Hank Childs, Charles Hansen

    Reflecting major concepts in high performance visualization, this book unifies a large and diverse body of computer science research, development, and practical applications.

  • Kalkulation von Pr mien

    Kalkulation von Prämien
    Christoph Tiemann

    Andererseits sollte die Kalkulation von Prämien “fair” erfolgen, so dass jeder Versicherungsnehmer gemäß des Risikos seiner zu versichernden zufälligen zukünftigen Schadenhöhen bewertet wird und die Prämie nicht unangemessen oder …

  • Coupled Systems

    Coupled Systems
    Juergen Geiser

    Covering mathematical, algorithmic, and practical aspects, this book brings together innovative ideas in coupled systems and extends standard engineering tools to coupled models in materials and flow problems with respect to their scale …

  • Mathematical Methods of Many Body Quantum Field Theory

    Mathematical Methods of Many-Body Quantum Field Theory
    Detlef Lehmann

    Presenting many recent advances and clarifying difficult concepts, this book provides the background, results, and detail needed to further explore the issue of when the standard approximation schemes in this field actually work and when …

  • Probabilistic Analysis of Multivariate GARCH Models

    Probabilistic Analysis of Multivariate GARCH Models
    Florian Fuchs

    Inhaltsangabe:Die Einleitung senden wir Ihnen auf Anfrage unter [email protected] gerne zu.

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